Civil Engineering U.S.A.C.E.


I would like to be a civil engineer working for the United States Army Corps of Engineers.


I would like to be a civil engineer for the USACE. Civil engineers plan, design, construct, and maintain the nation’s water resources, Army installations, and other Federal projects. I would like to get a master’s degree in civil engineering. A bachelor’s degree in civil engineering is the minimum requirement.


The USACE works in over 130 countries giving me a wide range of places to work. However, I do not have complete control over where I will be working. I will learn the necessary skills from the civil engineering classes I take at West Point and through my internship for the USACE.


From my understanding, there is no specific time of the year they hire. I will gather the necessary skills to get this job after I have served my five required years in the military.


This career interests me because Civil Engineering is a mix of everything that I enjoy in life: math, outdoors, architecture. I am the obvious choice because after graduating West Point I will have top notch skills in civil engineering.


The easiest way to get a job in this industry is by getting a bachelors or masters in civil engineering. For the USACE it is easiest to get a job if you have/are serving in the military.

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