MADBYPASS Alt-Rock Madness

"Simply Magnetic"

"The Dose of Adrenaline I needed on that Friday night"

"With Bypassers coming up with all these lovely thoughts about us, we set out to record out first debut EP during these trying times making use of what little resources we had with us" - Jithin Jose

Let Good Times Roll

As the vocalist and songwriter of the band Kiran Paul shares the same idea along with the other band mates that is to spread the happiness around and make music. "With more music and beer comes great madness" and to share this madness with our Bypasser family has been the best thing that I've done in a long time said Kiran Paul.

The Madness Continuum

"Going on stage expressing ourselves to the world and getting to bring along the crowd along with us in that trip is the high that i seek for" the lead guitarist of the band Fred Martin is an adrenaline junkie for live music and that's what drives him to an Eleven on his amps

Check out the latest single 'Mama i'm sorry' on YouTube

Bypassers Corner !

"The band always has this connection that they have among themselves and with the crowd which is always a charm to look at" - RUBEAN
"These guys are absolute madness machines onstage,they know exactly how to make a party pop" - LINSHY VENZ
"My boyfriend introduced me to them and ever since their show at V12 verve i've been following them everywhere" - NAT
"Everytime these guys play at our cafe its an absolute party"
"Syncs perfectly with their title:everything about them is so explosive on and off stage" - JERIN

With a growing 'Bypasser' community in and around Cochin, the band is all set to release their latest single from their debut album 'F*CK WHAT THEY THINK'. The band has played in many major venues like the Fort Kochi Carnival 2019, V12 Verve, Lucafest, Musica2019, Mareechika Fest and many more.

A few Random Clicks from Mareechika Music Festival 2019


Band Members

Kiran Paul - Vocals and Rhythm Guitars

Jithin Jose - Drums

Fred Martin - Lead Guitars , Synths

Antony Raphael - Bass Guitars

Aftermovie from Musica 2019

Check out a few of our Venue Posters

The band has been around actively rocking the scene since 2018 and with the covid scenario, the band sort of hit a standstill for a couple of months and is now back with a single hitting the stores real soon! The band has a fully written power packed EP coming out in the 2021 and is the their most anticipated work till now.

Click the link below for a snippet of our live madness