Double Victory WWII The Role of Asian American and Laborers During World War II

Laborers During WWII

Propaganda Posters for Laborers and how their roles can contribute in the war effort.

Asian Americans During WWII

The top three photos showed the Japanese mistreatment and internment camps. The bottom left showed Chinese veterans in the war. The bottom right showed Filipino American soldiers in the war.

4 Similarities Between Asian Americans and Laborers During WWII

  • Both Asian Americans and Laborers worked hard during World War II.
  • Laborers and Asian Americans both worked on jobs that required manual labor.
  • They were both being discriminated against. Asian Americans wanted to be treated fairly and not be discriminated against and laborers who wanted better pay and safer working conditions.
  • Women were represented in both groups.

3 Differences Between Asian Americans and Laborers During WWII

  • Asians Americans and Laborers both had different cultures ( Japanese Internment Camps).
  • Laborers were fighting equal wages and Asian Americans were fighting stereotypes.
  • They both had different perspectives about the war.

Treatment of Laborers During WWII

  • During WWII, Laborers were treated unfairly and they got paid very little.
  • Their response to the unfair treatment and little pay was boycotting for what they believe in.

Laborers Contribution During WWII

  • Laborers built weapons, uniforms and heavy artillery while keeping factories running.
  • Laborers played an important role because they provided supplies such as food, gas and clothing and support during the war by contributing to the war effort.

Slogan: "Together We Win!"

Treatment of Asian Americans During WWII

  • For Example, Japanese Americans were evicted out of their homes and forced to live in internment camps.
  • Their response to the wrongful treatment was protesting for better treatment.

Asian Americans Contribution During WWII

  • Asian Americans contributed by joining the Armed Forces as well as fighting in the war.
  • They would pass on vital information of the enemy while on the front lines.

Slogan: "We Want To Be Treated Equally!"


Laborers- Laborers are very hard working and helped contribute during the war, producing weapons,uniforms,heavy artillery and other war related items.

Asian Americans- Japanese Americans were discriminated against and forced into internment camps with their families including small children.Chinese and Filipino Americans fought during the war.


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