A Fun Day wyatt m

I had many fun days but I will never forget the day I played in the snow.In the morning I looked at the shades and it was light on a school day.So I got of my bed and saw it was 8:00.But then it was snowing!I went to tell my mom and dad but they were at work.and left a note on the couch that said: alex is in charge. So I woke my brother up and he made us breakfast.we had cereal and we were watching tv. Once we were done we played basketball.Me and my sister won up against my brother.Next we went outside to play in the snow.We made a lot of snow angels.Then we had a snowball fight. Before the snow ball fight we made snow forts. We had so much fun.After that we went inside to have hot cocoa with marshmallows it was so yummy.Then we played a game of knockout I won.then we watched tv until dinner.That's when my mom got home with mcdonalds I had a hamburger and sweet tea I ate it all.After that we had s'mores they were also tasty.I hope I have another day like that.


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