Duff Goldman RENAISSANCE man


Real Name: Jeffrey Adam Goldman

Born In: Detroit, MI

Born On: December 17, 1974

Age: 42 years old

Lives now: Baltimore

Siblings: Willie Goldman

School: University Of Maryland, Baltimore County

This is University Of Maryland, Baltimore County the school the Duff went to.

Duff Goldman is a pastry chef who changed the way we look at baking, cooking, and all of the above. Today some may ask, what was Duff’s life like before he became famous? In fact, Duff has been baking since the age of 4, he was the man who decorated his first cake on his living room coffee table. However, he did not start working until the age of 14 in a local bagel shop. Then, in high school he worked at McDonald's, other fast food restaurants, and at greasy spoons. Later in life, Duff became interested in music and rock. During the day, he was/is a pastry chef and at night he is a bass player for a at night indie-rock band called Soihadto. You could find Duff playing songs such as “The Moon Under Which We Met” and “Please Friends, Warn Me If They Agree.” To sum it up, Duff is a man of many jobs and hobbies most relating to baking.

Duff Goldman has decorated many cake including the once found above.

Duff Goldman’s big break was in 2006 when he started his first TV show. Duff has multiple TV shows that include Ace of Cakes, Kids Baking Championship, Sugar High, Duff Till Dawn, and Cake Masters. In addition, he has been a guest star on many kitchen shows. Back in 2006, when Duff started his TV show Ace of Cakes it was meant to be an American reality show about a guy and his team baking and decorating extraordinary cakes. It has now turned into much more. Due to Duff’s amazing work, he was able to make a cake for president Barack Obama , Katy Perry, and many other celebrities. Every cake you see in Katy Perry’s lyric video “Birthday” was handmade by Duff Goldman and his team. As you can see, Duff’s TV shows have taken him many amazing places throughout his life.

This is Duff Goldman on one of his TV shows cake masters.

As of today, Duff Goldman has achieved many life goals of his, but what did he do before fame to be able to achieve those goals? Starting from a young age Duff always loved doodling and drawing. Later in life, his love for drawing turned into a love for graffiti and a love for metal sculpting. However, even before he started grade school Duff loved shadowing his mom in the kitchen. Together they would bake things like cakes, cookies, brownies, and etc. Early into adulthood, Duff would always put his own touch on many of the foods he would make. After all, many mentors that Duff Goldman had was from the people he was closest to such as his mom, dad, teachers, and instructors. As a result, because of those events Duff has been able to accomplish his life goals sooner than expected.

This is a picture of Duff Goldman at the James Brard Foundation award show and he made a cake for the after party.

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