BOB Project Inc. Butler Gas Mural

BOB Project needs your support.

Last year BOB Project (Project Manager) Amanda Power asked students to participate in a wall mural project located at Butler Gas Verona Road. Zentagle art was created by each individual student and we will begin to connect these drawings into a collage type mural of hot air balloons.

Zentangle : Unlike other methods of relaxation and focus, you not only feel good, you get a side effect of beautiful art to be appreciated, collected, chronicled and reflected upon for years to come. Zentangle returns us to that fundamentally human behavior of manipulating symbols and putting marks on paper. Nothing is pre-programmed. Your creativity is your only limit and this Zentangle method has a way of increasing and inspiring expression of your personal creativity. Zentangle is empowering and uplifting experience to learn that you can deliberately relax and intentionally direct your attention while creating beautiful works of art

Benefits and Uses of the Zentangle Method

* Relaxation

* Simple and quick access to mindfulness

* Non-verbal journaling

* Self-esteem

* Inspiration

* Reduce or manage Panic attacks

* Modify behavior

* Being part of a supportive and fun community

* Create beautiful works of art

* Nurture and develop creative abilities

* Relieve stress

* Improve eye/hand coordination

* Develop/rehabilitate fine motor skills

* Assist in Anger management

* Addiction therapy tool

* Increase attention span and ability to concentrate

* Promotes Brainstorming

* Promotes Problem Solving

Zion Lutheran Volunteers help with garden portion surrounding mural
Students working on previous art projects for the Penn Hills School District Gardens

Volunteers are welcome to participate - contact Shawn at 412-701-1303 or email:

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