IATEFL 2017 Glasgow

Using CELTA 5 criteria for TP feedback or not?
The system that makes you use criteria
FB from the system
Why yes
Why no

Other uses of criteria

One trainee - two CELTAs
Cambridge say

Seems the same as standardisation

The 1-2-3 techniques
Should work on CELTA

Is that a fire alarm? It was:-)

Guided visualisation
The teacher
What tp ss said + what trainees said

Problems with observation feedback


What would you like to talk about?

Focus for FB meeting
JJ Wilson
  • Compliant students - answer teacher's questions
  • Engaged students - ask their own questions
Brazilian educator

What is social justice?

Afganistan, ?, Morocco, Colombia

I wonder...

  • I remember
  • I am from
Community projects
Teachable moments
  • Where does the trash go?
  • Whale on the beach

Nuclear waste - warn people for 10,000 years, elders passing on a myth

You have a beautiful voice

Ways of cheating

Detecting cheating

Check timing

Ask for slides
Stand 92, Bell
Check these out!

See handout

Christopher Graham

Brexit = crisis of cultural identity

  • Emotionsl reactions make people produce language
Get slides here!
What is culture?
  • The culture iceberg
Things that go wrong
  • It's not about stereotypes - framework for understanding behaviour, not devicive
  • Self-awareness is the beginning (websites have tests)

6 ideas

Brits trust whats written, not said
Ken Lackman
From various grammar books
Ss missing the essence of pp

Start with general, bigger picture

Michael Lewis: The English Verb

The phonological system

Link to bigger picture as much as possible
New Inside Out PI
What bigger picture?

Practical theory

NNESTS use their teachers as models

Making theory appealing

Alistair Douglas

Why differentiate?

Missing out on better together?
Not sure about this
Worth considering


  • Watch out for loss of face ( normal, NOT easy)
  • Over-reach
  • Materials prep
  • Managing feedback
  • Set syllabus
  • Assessment
Mark Hancock
Lift scatch: voice recognition
  • Listeners can tolerate

Social dimension

Glottal stop
  • Speakers can adjust

Time dimension

  • Teachers can be flexible


  • Accent can be made into a problem
  • Which accent as a model? YOU
  • Prestige?

Outside In CUP

Live Sentences

The Disappearing Teacher

Emi Slater

Get your focus where you want it

Not Jim Scrivener

How often do we really listen to our students? Listening without any response is difficult, unnatural.

Clowning techniques, focus, warmers

DXL forum

Bolitho: the ternal triangle: learners, teachers, materials

What are materials today? Technology chages things

ELT jam

1. Write holistically (refer to pillars)

2 . Help tell your product's story

3. Learn to copyright

UX writer is a job

Paul Sweeney, e-consultant

Jo Gakonga

giving feedback

Like clubbibg baby seals

Based. On

Face threatening acts



Ranking of impossitions

Caveat of TP feedback

They expect it, pay to be there

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