Francis Fauquier By Zarar Haider

The Led Line

A Colonial Tool

The lead line is a navigational instrument made of rope and lead. It is used when ships are about to dock, and is dropped into the water to see how deep or shallow the ocean is. If the potential port is too shallow the boats might become immovable, since the water would be too shallow. The pilot drops the lead line slowly into the water and once it hits the bottom he pulls it up. Then he lays it on the deck and measures it by walking along it. Finally, he counts how many steps he took and that is how deep the water is in feet.

Musket Firing

Musket firing is an essential part of a soldier's training. It doesn't usually take long to learn how to fire a musket accurately; only 2 to 3 weeks. There are many steps to firing a musket including loading it with gunpowder, lighting the wire, and accurately aiming at the target. It takes about twenty seconds to load a musket so there are firing lines that take turns shooting so that the enemy doesn't gain ground.

The Blacksmith

The blacksmith is an essential part of colonial living. It provides colonists with useful everyday tools, however it isn't just like a hardware store where you can just walk in and buy ready made goods. You have to contact the blacksmith to preorder and customize the tools you want made. The only thing that blacksmith's made in large quantities was nails. They made about 25,000 nails a week. However, mostly the apprentices made the nails, since they were just learning the trade. I usually send one of my servants to fetch me some necessities from the blacksmith, such as nails, garden tools, and such.

The Governer's Mansion

The Governer's Mansion is where the most powerful man in the most profitable colony lived. The English chose a governor to look over and keep the Virgina colony in check. However, this man stayed in England, while his deputy stayed in Virginia and received half of the governer's pay, as well as huge amounts of respect in the thirteen colonies. I, Francis Fauquier am a lieutenant governor in the Virginia colony. I often throw extravagant parties in my many custom parlor rooms, as well as comfortably relax in my carefully prepared bedroom. My dinners are prepared for me to pick and choose what I want to eat. Finally; even though I am not fully fond of it, I have more than 30 servants available at my beck and call.

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