Double loss Photos by kelsey jones

SHS boys volleyball team loses to both Perry and Roncalli on March 13 at Roncalli.


Senior Famous Temas jumps to serve the ball during the Perry game.
Sophomore Kham Thangngan squats to keep the ball from hitting the ground.
Senior Nathan Taylor smiles as he waits for the other team to serve the ball.
Freshman Sai Lian (middle) sets the ball for sophomore Van Zo (right) to hit across the net.
Thangngan dives to hit the ball to keep it in play.
Thawng watches senior Amos Piang set the ball for someone to hit across the net.


Senior Pablo Pao attempts to hit the ball across the net to Roncalli.
Lian sets the ball for Zo to spike across the net.
Zo jumps up to spike the ball across the net.
In the air, Taylor prepares to hit the ball to the other side.
Zo (left) and Senior Lal Pek (right) jump up, attempting to block the ball from coming onto their side.