Desert Life By Logan Pancheri

In this section of the book it gives countless weird but true facts on scorpions. Want to know of these fear factor like insects that terrorize all the bugs and unlucky small mammals that pass by. Learning info like how small scorpions have the most venom and there crab like pinchers. If you like interesting facts, you came to the right book. Detail parts that are represented on the picture, tell you basically tell you, don't mess with these tiny insects. This book is full of information and I learned the most out of this section.
Tortoises use very little energy in getting around which helps a lot in surviving in the desert. During the hottest mouths, they sometimes sleep for long periods of times. They feed on dead animals and any plants which emerge after a rainstorm. They are related to lizards, but are much slower. It pulls it's head into its shell for protection.
Gerbils jump and scurry around the desert in the cool of the night. The normally hind in the heat of the day to stay away from any danger. They never drink because they get all the water they need from the food they eat. They find dampened seeds and bring them back to their burrows.
Like other reptiles, they need the heat of the sun to warm their bodies and give them energy to move. Snakes can survive for a long time without eating. This is useful in the desert where their food of birds, small mammals, and reptiles is often hard to find. Female snakes lay soft-shelled eggs under stones or below the surface of the sand.
When it's day, the green toad hides himself from the heat of the sun under the sand or some rocks. At night the toad comes out to eat small insects flying in the area. Toads can survive in hot, dry areas because they never need to drink. They catch insects with there long sticky tongues and absorb all the water they need. Like other amphibians they need to lay eggs in water which normally happens after rainstorms.
In conclusion this book gave countless information about all the main desert animals. From locusts to snakes to cactus, all the main facts about how they look or what they eat is stated. It helped me learn all of these cool, interesting facts on different creatures in the desert. I liked how this short, but full of information book talked about everything you would need to know about most creatures out there.
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