Reiki Energywork

Reiki means “universal life energy”. Reiki practioners use this energy to help your body realign itself and support itself as it heals.
Reiki is an energywork modality. There are three main levels to Usui Reiki. Having been trained in Usui, Kundalini, and other forms allows me to help those in need.

These tenets of Reiki are beautiful even if you don’t practice. Why? They stress the way of peace within and without. I believe we can all use peace and healing at sometime in our lives.

I do long distance healing in Reiki as well as local sessions. The interesting thing about doing Reiki is that it feels different to each person. I love that so much. I love knowing I can help others with my gifts.

If a Reiki session is something you’re interested in, please book a session with me. I’ll be glad to do one for you or a loved one, even animals.

In time, I’ll start offering Reiki I training sessions. If you’re interested, please let me know.

When I do Reiki, I often meditate prior to a healing session. Why? It allows me to center myself and align myself to do my very best for my clients. My focus centers around them alone. I also feel meditation itself to be very healing in its own right.

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