Influenza aka the flu

Background Knowledge

Richard Shope and Dr. Mcbryde discovered Influenza in 1928 by taking samples from infected pigs and then infected healthy pigs to showcase that it was a viral disease.

Patrick Laidlaw followed up Shope's discoveries by isolating the virus in 1933.

Discovered in United Kingdom

Side Effects




Sore Throat


Muscle Aches

How the flu is transmitted

Bodily Contact- Shaking hands

Through the Air- Coughing or sneezing, talk

The flu can still be contagious before you feel sick or after you feel better


Flu shot

Antibiotics/prescribed drugs

Drinking lots of fluids

Benefits/contributions to science/medicine

The flu shot has saved many people's lives

It has benefited to medicine by having a vaccine for the flu

The flu has improved the scientific or medical community in how if you do not like shots you can get the nasal spray in your noses.

Flu cases by year


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