Who am I? By Logan foster

Table of Contents

- Who i think i was?

- CIS Interest Profiler

- CIS Ideas

- CIS Workplace Importance Locater

- CIS Career Cluster

- Careers that Interest Me

- Education Required

- Schooling Options

- Companies to Consider

Who i thought i was before entering the class

Strenghts: I am a hard worker and i can put my head down and do my job

Weaknesses: I do not like talking to people and i find it hard to communicate

Plans: I plan to either attend CWI and get a bachelors in Broadcasting or just work through the industry and get experience there

Goals: I want to get an apartment out of high school and earn a decent income

Analyzing my CIS

Interest Profiler: This test shows that i am interested in mostly in realistic things like working with my hands and artistic so i can use self expression in my work

IDEAS: This graph showed i am interested in the law enforcement side of work and would enjoy civil service and police work.

Workplace Importance Locater: The importance locater showed i am mostly i want to see my work appreciated and that i have good working conditions.

Career Cluster: This quiz showed i am interested in Agricultural and Architectural careers which is not true

Careers That Interested Me

None of the careers that the quizzes showed are things that are interested in the only one i have a slight interest in is Police Work but that is a hard lifetime job that does not have much flexibility in the way i do my job

For a career that I am actually interested in would be broadcasting and editing which requires usually experience in the Industry or a small college diploma.

I am willing to consider a two year college at CWI, I am interested in their broadcasting program.

Companies that i would consider are general broadcast affiliates like ABC, Raycom, Viacom, and the company i currently work for Scripps which is an ABC affiliate and they are an excellent company to work for.

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