Mercury By: bella hyatt

The Name of my planet is Mercury, and its Diameter is about 3,032 miles, or about 2/5 of Earths Diameter. The average Temperature of Mercury is about 800 degrees Fahrenheit.

Mercury is the Closest planet to the sun.

Mercury rotates about every 59 Earth days, and it orbits the sun at a distance of about 36 million miles.

The origin of Mercury's name was the name of the Roman god of trade, merchants, and travellers, later equated with the Greek god Hermes.

Here are 4 Interesting facts about Mercury:

1. Mercury is the Planet closest to the Sun.

2. It’s about ⅖ of the Earth's Diameter.

3. At certain times of the year, Mercury can be seen low in the western sky just after sunset.

4. Mercury moves around the Sun faster than any other planet.


Created with images by NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "Terminator View of Mercury" • chrismeller - "Mercury" • skeeze - "solar system planets space" • NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "Terminator View of Mercury"

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