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Today I tried to break up a fight. As I tried to bring peace to the situation, Tybalt, one of the most aggressive, hostile men in all of Verona thought I was trying to help out the Capulet in the fight. He's so unreasonable. He told me he hates the word peace once I told him my intentions. There's no reasoning with Tybalt. All I wanted to do was calm down the situation. I'm not too sure why he has such hatred toward everyone, especially me. I've never done anything for him to him besides being born a Montague. Even though I'm not Tybalt's biggest fan, I don't hate him. I just choose not to associate myself with his negative presence. I guess I'll just never understand such a negative person. I can't be bothered anyways, all I know is he has personal problems.

Today Romeo was acting so strange. When I saw him this morning he turned his back and hurried behind a tree. It was more than clear that he was avoiding me. Had I done something? He never acts so peculiar. When I asked my aunt and uncle, Lord and Lady Montague, they hadn't quite put their finger on his reasoning for acting this way. It was obvious something was up because Romeo is always jolly and upbeat. When I asked him what was wrong, he responded with such a weird response. He told me he was "out of love." What does that even mean? How can one simply be "out of love?" He's really not making much sense, but I'll go beyond my abilities to help him feel himself again. I don't enjoy seeing my loved ones down. He's hung up over some random girl. He should broaden his horizons. His only concern is this useless girl. There are plenty of beautiful women in Verona, but he's not willing to open his mind, heart, or eyes to a single one of them. He really is frustrating sometimes. I just wish there was some way for him to be willing to be around different women.

Today a random servant approached my men and I in the streets of Verona with a list. Upon the list was those who were invited to a Capulet Party. He asked us if we could kindly read the list to him because it was clear that he was illiterate. This was the perfect opportunity for Romeo to forget about that girl and admire the beauty of various women. I really hope this works so Romeo can enjoy himself and the party. I guarantee the only reason that he is obsessed with the idea of this girl is because he has no other beauties to compare her to. Regardless, I'm almost positive he'll discover a woman who's beauty no one can even compare to. This is the perfect way to end his moping heartache.

Today was the day of the Capulet party. When we arrived, Mercutio and I, with no hesitations joined the party. On the other hand, our coat rack of a friend Romeo refused to dance with us. He was unable to have fun because he was so hung over this girl. This girl is taking away from his joy and social life. Mercutio tried lightening the mood and tried to make him laugh, but Romeo just wasn't having it. Mercutio and I weren't going to be coat racks along with him, so we hit the dance floor. We enjoyed our time and had a blast at the party. Soon we had realized that Romeo flaked on us. As we were leaving, Mercutio spotted Romeo disappearing behind the wall of the Capulets. He mocked Romeo about the whole Rosaline thing. Mercutio never really knows the time and place to joke around. He was being a little harsh on Romeo but his intentions weren't to hurt him, just to toughen him up a little bit. I wouldn't return back to us if I were him either. We decided it would be best if we let him go off and we return home considering the fact that he's devastated over Rosaline.

Today Mercutio and I were wandering around the streets of Verona. As I'm wondering where Romeo went last night and what he was doing, Tybalt is also lingering in the back of my head. When I told Mercutio how I felt, he dismissed my feelings. He told me I was just jumping to conclusions. He really isn't one to put me in my place in that subject. I swear I'm a psychic because out of nowhere Tybalt approaches us. He asked for Romeo but Mercutio got really aggressive and acted out of anger. He tried intimidating Tybalt, which is never reasonable due to Tybalt's unpredictable actions. As soon as they were about to fight, jolly, normal Romeo comes, Tybalt forgets about Mercutio and goes straight for Romeo. Romeo was acting really stress free and tried keeping the peace between everyone. Mercutio jumped into Romeo's position in the fight because Romeo wouldn't. As Tybalt goes to stab Mercutio, Romeo jumps in front of him. Right under the Romeo's arm lay the sword who killed his best friend. He didn't mean what he had done. His intentions were only to protect Mercutio. He was willing to jump in front of him to save his dear life.


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