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Session Details

Deluxe Newborn Sessions are the top Newborn Package for studio images. They include bean bag poses, family poses, and prop poses. Backdrops, wraps, hats, headbands, tiebacks, and props will be used in conjunction with your colour or theme preferences. I am happy to work with you if you have a particular theme, colour scheme or idea in mind.

Deluxe Newborn Sessions are generally quite long (3-4 hours) as much time is spent encouraging the little one to sleep. It is important that you follow the preparation suggestions listed below to ensure a smooth session.

Baby will be gently posed throughout the session and her safety is of highest priority. The studio will be very warm to keep baby cozy. Siblings are welcome for the "Family Portraits" session but are discouraged from staying the duration of the session. My studio is quite small and it can be quite boring for young children. Please plan on someone taking them away after the Family part is complete.

Newborn Sessions are $300 and include 15 digital images.

Getting Ready

Getting ready for a photoshoot can be overwhelming. Fortunately, Newborn sessions are easy to prepare for! Please refer to our specific correspondance for specific outfit requirements. For general instructions on how to dress for your session, please visit my Pinterest Board. Please avoid clothing with logos, words, and characters; instead, look for simple, nice clothing that compliments the colours of your session. Baby will be photographed nude, or in outfits provided by Fawn Lily Photography. For family portraits, generally, I recommend you dress either in black tops and jeans, or in white or cream shirts. Family photos can be taken on a cream, white, black, or gray backdrop. Monochrome outfits are suggested (ie. cream on cream, white on white etc).

Please bring along a few outfits (extra for you too), any items discussed, extra diapers, wipes, blankets and a soother. You are welcome to nurse or bottle feed at the studio, should that come up.

You are welcome to bring along a few special props or heirloom items to use in your session. If you have things you'd like to bring, please email me a photo of the items at least 3 days prior to your session ( so that I can make adequate preparations. Please keep in mind that props and outfits are ultimately selected at the Photographer's discretion and Fawn Lily Photography makes no guarantees that all items will be incorporated. I have a large selection of props and outfits on hand.

To ensure a smooth session, PLEASE do the following: (1) Keep baby awake prior to coming (2-3 hours preferably), (2) Dress her in a single pair of pjs that are easy to remove (nothing over the head), (3) Loosen her diaper about an hour prior to your session so that she doesn't have diaper marks, and (4) Fed her a full feed either directly before your session, or at the studio prior to starting.

Your session will be held in studio at 2524 Shoreacres Rd, Sidney unless otherwise arranged. The studio is located inside a workshop at my home. Please park on the street in front of the house. The studio entrance is located at the end of the path on the left side of the house, and the door is next to the wooden sign.

Your session fee is $300. It is payable via email money transfer to prior to your session, or via cash or cheque to Sarah Jenkins during your session.


Your session fee includes 15 digital images. You will be presented with an online gallery of your images following the session. The gallery will contain approximately 25-40 images from which you select your included 15. Additional digital images, prints, canvases and albums are all available to purchase from the gallery following your session.

Within 3 days of your session, a sneak peek will be posted on social media (Facebook/Instagram) in the following locations: and A blog post may also be published featuring your images at Please Tag, React to, and or Share the social media images. My business is maintained primarily through word of mouth, so it is a great service to me if you do so. If you do not interact with your sneak peeks, Facebook has now made it so virtually no one sees business page posts. Please share the images via the means provided within the social media platforms (ie. Share); please do not right click on the images and save them to your devices that way. The sneak peek images are specifically formatted for Facebook/Instagram and they end up very pixelated and noisy if saved. Additionally, the images (both sneak peeks, and the full resolution files) are copyrighted to Fawn Lily Photography. As such, please do not crop the images in any way or edit them (ie. Instagram filters). If you prefer your images not posted on social media, please email me to let me know prior to the session. If you chose to avoid social media, you also relinquish the sneak peek option.

In the event that you, or I, are unsatisfied with the images due to unforeseen weather, equipment failure, or photographer error, a retake may be issued. Under normal circumstances, refunds are not issued - due to services rendered. Retakes are generally not issued due to a difficult or misbehaving child, pet, or another subject, poor outfit choice, or lighting issues if my recommended session time was disregarded. All that stated, if you find yourself unhappy with your images for any reason, please communicate that to me, and I will try and remedy the situation. I want you to love your images.

All images will be fully edited for white balance, exposure, lighting, background, and basic retouching flaws. If you request editing above and beyond the scope of my normal workflow, a $25/hour charge will be issued. If a family member has a temporary flaw (bruise/scratch etc) that you would like retouched please let me know at the time of the session.

All images remain property of Fawn Lily Photography. Final images are selected at the Photographer's discretion. Unedited (or raw) images will not be provided. All images may be used in present or future advertising, marketing, and portfolio work.

What to expect following your session

Session turnaround is estimated at 2-3 weeks. When your edits are completed, an email will be sent to you with a link to open your gallery. In the gallery, you select your included images by using a star icon to mark the ones you want. There is also a shopping cart where you can order additional digital files, prints, canvases, or other products. When you have completed your order, please notify me via email to

A downloading gallery will then be made available and you simply follow the prompts to download your full resolution, unwatermarked digital files. Images in the downloading gallery will be provided BOTH in colour and black and white. To print your images, I recommend that you print through me as I use a calibrated, professional lab and offer stunning, quality products. If you chose to print third-party, I cannot guarantee the print quality, nor can I troubleshoot through your print order should you have problems.

Please make sure that you save your digital images securely (in at least two places). I do NOT keep client images indefinitely and am generally unable to reupload downloading galleries at a later date. Galleries are live for 2 weeks - after which point they expire. Please download and save your images promptly. If your gallery expires, or you lose your images (and I happen to still have them), there is a $20 fee to repost a gallery


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