My spring Break Vacation To Jamaica

How I will get there

I will be flying from akron canton airport to jamaica on delta airlines. It costs $1,108 to get there when I get there I will be taken to Kingston Hotel VR the cost for three nights is $804.

Day One

On day one I will be on the plane for 11 hours so when I get there I will get into the airport car that takes me to my hotel since the hotel provides it when you stay at the hotel if you fly it is free no charge then I will eat dinner at the hotel and then sleep till noon tomorrow.

day two

On day two I will wake up at noon eat lunch use the car that the hotel provides to get to attractions I will spend another 5 hours hiking at blue mountains and then go eat at the hotel to conserve money and then visit some local shops to finish the day off.

Day Three

One day three I will be going to some museums today.First up the bob marley museum which costs $86.99 to have a tour of the museum.Next I will go to the National Gallery which costs $60.00. Finally I am going to the cobaya gardens which costs nothing then I am heading to the hotel to eat and go to sleep.

Day four

On day four I will explore the city till noon and then go on tour of the wilderness

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