The Apple Tart of Hope Novel by Sarah Moore Fitzgerald

There is a mass for a person named Oscar. The rumor is that Oscar took his old mountain bike and launched himself into the sea. People think Oscar committed suicide and is deemed dead because his body wasn't found. There was a search party for Oscar but there was no progress and people started to lose hope. Although, his brother paralyzed Steve who's in a wheelchair and best friend Meg are still hopeful and believe Oscar is still alive.
Oscar was the the type of person who looked for the best in people and things. Before the incident Meg and her family made plans to go to New Zealand but Meg dreaded going. Meg eventually embraced going to New Zealand with the support of her friend Oscar, but after she came back and heard the news about him she thought to herself that if she didn't go on the trip Oscar would still be here.
In a back flash it says Oscar is great at detecting if someone is depressed and or needs help. Oscar sensed someone was in need of help at this pier close to their house. Before Oscar and Meg go to the pier he bakes an apple tart. At the pier they see a depressed old man and his dog named Barney and Homer. Barney wanted to be left alone. Once Oscar started to talk/comfort Barney he gave him an apple tart, and soon after Barney felt less depressed and joyful. Meg would say his apple tarts were like magic.
Meg is now in New Zealand,which is a long ways away from Ireland. Oscar and Meg decide to keep in touch by sending each other emails on the daily. This new girl, Paloma, moves in where Meg used to live and goes to the same school as Oscar and they become friends. Soon things started to change between Oscar and Meg. Shortly after Oscar and Meg started to email each other less and less after Paloma finds a love letter from Meg that Oscar wasn't supposed to see and him.
Oscar and Paloma thought it was a good idea to show off his Apple tart baking skills at the school talent show, but Paloma gets jealous of the attention he was getting. Rumors started to spread around about Oscar and his reputation went down the drain; nobody liked him anymore. Oscar starts to see his apple tarts are losing their magic. Oscar falls into despair and the only person he wants to talk to Meg, but Meg isn't responding to his emails.
One night Oscar was fed up with all of this depression and out of impulse he rode his bike off the pier and into the ocean. After a few minutes Barney appeared out of no where and happened to save Oscar from drowning in the cold ocean. Oscar didn't want to go home and Barney was cool with him staying. Meg was still struggling with Oscar's departure and one day she went to the school's therapist.
Meg going to the school's therapist made her realize how she perceived Oscar versus how her peers perceived Oscar, and how things were going really badly for Oscar at school after the rumors spread. Steve stopped talking to Meg after he found the letter that "Meg" wrote to Oscar. Meg talked to Steve and asked why he's ignoring her and they then realize the letter was a forgery. The letter Oscar received were hurtful words and not the love letter Meg wrote. Steve and Meg came to the conclusion it was Paloma's doing.
Meg was depressed and decided to go to the pier and while she was there she happened to see Barney. Barney was always a good listener. Meg told Barney about her current state of mind, mentions how she misses, and tells Barney about the forged letter. Right after Barney connected the dots he said he had to get home.
Barney got home as fast as he could and because of his old age he had a minor health issue and had to go to the hospital. At the hospital Barney told Oscar about the letter mix up and how Paloma is a snake, she's the one who forged the letter and spread the false rumors about him. Barney advised for Oscar to go home and he did because of Meg. It turns out Oscar also loved Meg they way boys have loved girls for ages. When Oscar showed up at home his family rejoiced and so did Meg. Things weren't the same but things were good as long as Oscar and Meg had each other.
My initial reaction to this book after the first few pages is that it was kind of boring, but after I started to get deeper into this book I felt a similarity to the character, Meg. I also felt a connection to the depression stated in this book as well as the heart break. "It's not an ordinary apple tart of hope. After you've taken a bite, the whole world will look almost completely different. Things will start to change and by the time you've had a whole slice you'll realize that everything is going to be okay." 😊
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