Plate Boundary's by: Victor renteria

Divergent boundary

Divergent boundary are when two tectonic plates start moving away from each other which is called tensional stress .Divergent boundary cause rift valleys. Divergent boundary also form volcanic islands which happens when plates move part creating gaps then molten lava rises to fill the empty space.Deep ocean trenches and oceanic ridges are both formed by divergent boundary.

motion of plates

In Iceland theres is a volcano caused by a divergent boundary and is pulling the island of Iceland apart because lava fountains.

krafla volcano
krafla volcano

Convergent Boundary's

When two plates move toward each other the oceanic plate goes under the other plate causing a subduction zone.the type of stress on a convergent boundary is compression. convergent boundaries can cause earthquakes and volcanic islands.Convergent boundaries caused the Himalayas to be formed.In march 2011 there was a 9.0 earthquake that struck off of sendal in northeastern japan 190,000 building had been damaged or destroyed it was called the tohoku earthquake it also generated a tsunami.

Transform boundary

A transform boundary is when two plates move vertical of each other. The stress is called shear.Transform boundary cause powerful san Francisco one of the strongest earthquakes occurred it happened in 1996 it caused 400$ million dollars in damage because of fires after the earthquake.

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