Zoe Hill work. play.

What to know about Zoe

The "e" makes the "o" say "OH!" Therefore, my name is Zoe. It's pronounced like Joe, except with a Z. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn't matter how you say my name. I will answer to almost anything. I figured, if you're looking at this page you might want to know.

That's me.

You also might want to know that I am a Junior at East Tennessee State University. I am studying Media Communications concentrated in public relations and advertising. I enjoy my studies more than you might think. I've found myself becoming more enthralled with commercials and print advertisements than I care to admit. I hope to one day work at a swanky advertisement agency in a big city. Picture Don Draper, except as a woman and that woman is me. My minor is journalism. Writing has always been my favorite hobby. Although not journalistic in the least, here are some of my favorite pieces:

During the summer, I work as a lifeguard at The Rockwood Community Center. Honestly if I could sufficiently sustain as a lifeguard, I would drop out of school right now. I've come to mark my life by summers rather than each new turn of the calendar. I spend my seasons with this goofy band of people that I was born into. They are my childhood friends, lifelong companions of my parents, and blood relatives. We spend summers on Ocracoke and "The Snake Pit" which is just a fancy name for our lake cabin. Pictures can't do it justice but here's what a summer looks like if you're me:

A long time ago, I diagnosed myself with something I like to call Only Child Syndrome. The symptoms range from delightful to world shattering. My parents are my heroes. Pictured below are the two most fun people in the world.

At home I am a part of a bible study group. We've all been friends since we were practically in diapers. Every Wednesday night we meet at my aunt and uncle's house. Each summer, we go to Cumberland Mountain State Park and spend a week in this musty old mill house. We spend the week working at The Bread of Life homeless shelter during the day and playing tonk, swimming in the creek, and goofing off the rest of the evening. The Mill House has become our fortress and it's something I look forward to every year.

Lastly, I am a sister of Alpha Xi Delta. I'm our Vice President of Public Relations. This chapter has given me more than I ever thought possible.

Oh, and here is my baby. Beau is my best friend and the world's greatest dog!

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