Japan Take a trip

Some facts about Japan. Japan is an island and has 127.3 million people. Its capital is Tokyo. Japan has a Hiroshima’s atomic-bomb memorial.

This is a map of Japan. Its by China, Russia, North and South Korea.

This is Okinawa.


Next island is Kyushu.

Here is a video on the best places to go in Kyushu.

This is the island of Shikoku
Shikokus are native breed of dogs from the island Shikoku.

The island of Japan


This island has Mount. Fuji. Tokyo is also on this island.

The three places I would visit is Mount. Fuji, Hiroshima, and Tokyo.

This is mount Fuji.

Here is a video of things to do in Tokyo.

These pictures are the aftermath of the atomic bomb.

We have the island Hokkaido.
Lake Toyoni is located here. I like this lake because the lake is a heart shape.
These fields are Lavender Fields. Many tourists come to see these bright fields. Lavender was an agricultural product but now is a tourist attraction.

What is Japanese religion. Japanese people have two. They are buddhism and Shinto.

Buddhism was introduced in 552 A.D.
Shinto is the worship of ancestors and nature spirits and also a belief in sacred power called kami.
Miso Soup
Japan has the red dot because Japan's nickname is Land of The Rising Sun.

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