The book Once Was Lost was about a family who struggles when their mom goes to rehab. They miss her dearly, and one surprise changes everything. For Samara's 16th birthday, her mom finally came home from rehab and surprised her. The family was finally happy again.

In the movie Once Was Lost, the mom doesn't leave for that long. The family can come and visit her whenever they want, and she can leave for a couple of days, and come back. In the movie, her mom does not come surprise her for her birthday. Samara and her father went to visit her mom in rehab.

The differences in the movie and the book Once Was Lost, in the book, Samara's mom left for a long time, and they could never visit her. In the movie, Samara's mom could leave, and their family could visit her at any time. There was a lot of differences, but there was also a lot of similarities.

I suggest that people should read the book before watching the movie. The book leads to more suspense, and the movie is more laid back. I like the book more than the movie because it gave more details, and goes more into depth in the text. It leads to a happy ending that leads up to the end.


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