Six Arguments for Life After Death Nick Whitaker

The Argument From Authority

We innately believe that there is life after death. Throughout history and overwhelming majority of people from all parts of the world have believed in life after death.

The Argument From Desire

Everyone has an innate desire to conquer death. Every other innate sire has an answer, food for hunger, water for thirst, so there must be something for death.

The Argument From the Soul Not Having Parts

When the body dies, it loses something. But that something is not physical. It loses something that is not physical. The body then breaks down because it has parts. The soul has no parts. Nothing can kill the soul.

The Argument From Reason and Free Will

Our souls are spiritual so they must be immortal. We have the ability to know right from wrong and choose what is right, but animals can not do this. We have a sense of morality. A spiritual act can only come from a spiritual cause.

The Argument From God

If God exists then there must be life after death because God is immortal, and so is his love so therefor there must be something after life.

The Argument From the Intrinsic Value of the Person

People have value and deserve to be loved and cared for. If there is no life after death then they are only material and have no more value then a car, and they can be replaced. But since there is life after death we are more then just material and therefor we have more value.

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