Sierra Leone By:Nick evans


My country is located in Africa and the hemispheres are northern hemisphere and the Western Hemisphere. The bordering countries are Liberia Guinea and one ocean and its the Atlantic ocean.

sierra leone's capitol is freetown. The coordinates for this town is 8 30N, 11 30W.

Physical characteristics

The temperature zone in my country is the tropical zone the lines of latitude my country is between is the tropic of cancer and tropic of Capricorn.

the picture on the left is the Sierra Leone river one fact about it is that it is as long as 4 to 10 miles long. and the picture on the right is called the Loma Mountains.One fact about it is that the highest peak is 6,391 feet.


The total population for Sierra Leone is 5,743,725 people, this country is a medium country which means that it is smaller than most countries.

population density

sierra leones population density is 60 people per square mile. It is a small country.

this show the population of age and gender

the total population growth rate is 2.33% which this is a fast growth rate. The fertility rate is 4.52.

Five largest cities

  1. the largest city in sierra leone is Freetown
  2. the second largest city is bo
  3. the third largest city is kenema
  4. the fourth largest city is koidu
  5. the final one is makeni
this is Kenema in sierra leone.

sierral leone is a urban country which means that they have a lot of buildings and towns and not countrysides. more people are entering sierra leone.


Sierra Leone is a developing country because one reason is that their GDP per capita is very low with $1,400 and what you need is about $30,000 so they dont have a lot of money.Another reason is that their life expectancy is only 57.39 years which means that they must not have a very healthy environment for people to live that long.The final reason why my country is developing is that their literacy rate is very low with 43.3% which means that they might not have any good schools and not good teachers for their students to learn. Thats why my country is developing.


The main languages that are spoken are English,Mende,Temne,and Krio. The main religions in this country is Muslim.

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