Pokémon Gotta catch em alllll

My Project.

I did my project on Pokemon.... I don't actually watch Pokemon or know a lot of Pokemon related anything i didn't know what to do the project on, and Pokemon got REALLY popular. The People that made Pokemon go made like a billion in a YEAR. I figured a good proportion of people would know enough about Pokemon to complete the project type review.



Why i did my project on Pokemon... I don't know... BUT I knew a really good proportion of my peer people would know what Pokemon had been (It ended). I didn't want to do my project on a thing that you wouldn't know anything about, thank god i did Pokemon. Although many people of 11 knew what Pokemon had been.

Group Info.

I surveyed 11 other peer people, i began my project with the question "What Grade Are You In?" And The Other Question "What Gender Are You?"

What I found Out.

I found out that more people like pikachu than any other Pokemon. I thought that more people would have a bigger category of Pokemon, that really wowed meh.

Surprising Results

What really through me off the hook had been when people told me that their favorite Pokemon had been eevee and charmander.

I would Change..

I would change the questions that are Favorited. I feel like i should have put more differn't questions.


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