Much Ado AboutNothing Kathy Gonzalez


It is set in the property the Leonato owns, it is a large sort of plantation style property called Messina.

Plot Summary

The play opens with news that Don Pedro is coming to the property. The people who live there prepare themselves and greet him. Here Claudio sees Hero and falls in love. He then discusses the idea of marrying her with Benedick and Don Pedro. Don Pedro agrees to help him at the party that night to try and win her over for him. Trouble begins when one of Don Jon's men hears this and runs to tell him. Don Jon is cynical and wants everyone to be upset too. So he wants to ruin this marriage plan. That night at the party Don Pedro talks to Hero while Claudio watches. Don Jon comes to tell Claudio that the prince is planning to steals his girl. Claudio freaks out but eventually all is well because he realizes Hero loves him too. Later on in the night, Leonato, Hero, Claudio and Don Pedro decide it would be really fun to set up Benedick and Beatrice since they have a witty war with each other.

The next day, Claudio, Don Pedro and Leonato are faking a conversation that saying that Beatrice told Hero she is in love with Benedick. Benedict is near by and they say this in order for him to hear them so that he believes she said this to Hero. He hears it and believes the story and is actually really happy about it. He decides he will love her too and maybe marry her. The men make Beatrice go get Benedick for dinner. He flirts with her and she notices something is going on. Then on her way back she hears Hero and one of her maids,Ursula, faking a conversation saying Benedick loves her. She has the same reaction as Benedick and also decides she will love him too. Somewhere else Don Jon is really upset that Claudio and Hero are going to be married and needs a plan to stop it . His pal Borachio comes up with the idea that he will have sex with Heros maid Margaret and then Don Jon will bring Claudio to show him and he will think it's Hero cheating. So at night don Jon goes to get don Pedro and Claudio and takes them to the courtyard below Heros window. They see the two together at the window and Claudio believes it is Hero and gets really upset. The next day at the wedding when the friar asks if they have a reason why they shouldn't get married Claudio goes bullistic calls her a cheater and a liar and storms off. Her father believes him at first and yells at her but then the friar convinces him to relax and see if there is anything fishy going on. So they make a plan to say hero died when she heard the accusations and then see how Claudio mourns and see what is going on. Meanwhile, during all this commotion Dogberry and his gang caught Borachio talking to another guard about the plan they tie them up and bring them to a jail. Then the day after the wedding when Hero is "dead" Dogberry and the men bring up Borachio to see Leonato and his brother Antonio who were currently talking to Claudio and Don Pedro. When they all hear of what happens and how Hero was innocent Claudio breaks down and begs Leonato for forgiveness. Leonato makes him promise to go to her grave and then to marry Antonios daughter who looks just like Hero. But this is a trick because Hero is still alive and Antonios "daughter" is actually Hero. At the wedding Claudio wants to see his bride but Leonato won't let him until after he Mary's her. When he does and she unveils herself and he sees its Hero he apologizes and everything is happy again. Also at this time Benedick and Beatrice find out that they were both played by everyone into loving each other. They then try to aya they no longer live each other but there are love poems that prove otherwise and they end up getting married. Don Jon who had previously fled is found back in town but they decided to deal with it later and just celebrate the happy day and then the play ends.

Characters, Summaries, Relationships

Hero- pretty young girl, accused of cheating, pretends to die. Relationships: Leonato daughter and Claudio's love and wife

Beatrice- witty, bold, she's independent. Relationships: Heros cousin, Leonato niece, Benedick wife

Claudio- handsome solider travels with the princes men Relationships: Heros love and husband

Don Pedro- the prince, kind and helps Claudio get his girl. Relationships: Don Jons brother

Benedick- solider and one of the princes men, witty Relationships: Beatrice's husband

Margaret- hooks up with Borachio which causes a lot of problems Relationships: one of Heros maids

Borachio- makes a plan to hookup with Margaret and convince Claudio that it is Hero. Relationships: right hand man to Don Jon

Dogberry- an idiot who leads a band of crazy people but ends up catching Borachio in his deception

Leonato- owner of the plantation, a kind gentle man. Makes plan to fake Heros "identical cousins" wedding. Relationship: Heros Father, Antonios brother and Beatrice's uncle

Antonio- helps his brother through the fake wedding Relationships: Heros uncle and Leonato brother

Ursula- helps trick Beatrice into loving Benedick Relationship: one of Heros maids

Don Jon- the villain in the story, tries to ruin everything for everyone Relationships: Don Pedro's brother

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