Six Room Image Poem Lillian Bickley

I see the beauty of the mountains,

High above the earth,

The water flowing from the rivers like fountains,

The world around me coming to a pause,

I wish I could go back

I see the winding roads

Thinner than my socks,

The ocean below me glowed,

The flowers hidden by the bluff,

I wish I could go back

The sun is shining on the ponds below,

The metals of the cars are sparkling,

The lining of our coats

I feel the heat of the sun on my face,

I wish I could go back

I hear nothing but hushed whispers,

In awe of the sights,

I hear the cars slowing to a stop,

To admire the heights

I wish I could go back

I hear the astonished laughing,

Of everyone around me

I hear the cameras flashing,

Not wanting to forget

I wish I could go back

I’ve never wondered more,

How many people have been up here?

To see this place adorned,

By the jewels of the landscape

I wish I could go back

How has this place impacted,

Everyone else who has seen,

Did they keep their feelings compacted,

Or did they let this beauty free?

I wish I could go back

I feel accomplished,

Finally making my way up,

My hopes don’t feel demolished,

It’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of,

I wish I could go back

I feel at peace,

Like I’m away from the world’s problems,

Like everything has ceased,

Lost in time.

I wish i could go back

I feel rushed,

As if I stay too long,

My words will be hushed,

And I will disappear,

I wish I could go back.


Created with images by m01229 - "HDR - Stony Man Mountaintop in Shenandoah National Park" • Nicholas_T - "Mountaintop Meadow (2)" • Nicholas_T - "Rider Park (2)" • Nicholas_T - "Mountaintop Savanna" • tpsdave - "citadelle de corte france landmark" • Tony Fischer Photography - "Top of Mt. Hood, Oregon" • NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "Ireland" • A Cholo and his Camera - "Mountain Top, CA" • Juanita168 - "mountains" • AleGranholm - "Mountaintop" • Weynen - "translucent mountaintop summit ammergau mountains"

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