This season’s assignment for the INTO ORBIT season is to identify a physical or social problem faced by humans during long duration space exploration within our Sun’s solar system and propose a solution.

Solar DREAMers

Team members: Piper Skoglund, Anais Piquion, Tisya Desai, Maya Soldatovich, Melina Intzes, Natalya Spychalski, Cianni Hill, Ayesha Sayeed

Team number: 34328

Facts from their research

  • Meclizine is the medicine that is most effective at curing motion sickness in liquid form
  • About 80% of astronauts get Space Motion Sickness (SMS)
  • "Project Abbie" developed an injectable device that helps people with peanut allergies
  • Scientists think that the liquid in your ear controls your balance. In space there is no gravity, and you can get space motion sickness because of this
  • Senator Garm tried to experience the negative effects that astronauts experience in space by using a centrifuge on Earth

Problem Defined: Space motion sickness is experienced by astronauts

Solution described: We have created a prototype of an auto injectable wristband that automatically injects medicine into the astronaut when the band detects high temperature/fast or slow heart rate

Something that makes your idea unique or innovative: This solution is auto-injectable and is refillable and they don't currently have that in space

The Thinking Girls

Team members: Bella Alimansky, Olivia Choo, Cydnei Crisden, Evelyn Jean, Daphne Yorks, Leah Roman, Camila Tobon

Team number: #41486

Facts from their research

  • Nothing will bother the astronaut in space but when they return from their trip, their bones will be at an increased risk of fractures
  • Bone loss occurs in space because bones don't have to support the body against gravity
  • Some of the workout machines that the ISS takes up with them takes up a lot of room

Problem Defined: Bones and muscles weaken in space because there is no gravity and there are already inventions that solve this but they take up a lot of space.

Solution: Our prototype is comprised of 6 resistance bands to do different stretches. The resistance bands are connected to a belt.

Something that makes your idea unique or innovative: Our solution takes up less space than traditional methods currently being used by astronauts.

Robo Heroes

Team members: Harper Lawson, Amelia McCullough, Thea Dunckel, Laila Gopalani, Nina Heverin-Alvarado, Anya Henry, Maya Fey

Team number: 28772

Facts from their research

  • Astronauts can get depression from isolation in space
  • A network called Soft Phone was created in 2003 which had a faster delay for contacting families at home.
  • Cubes fly around the space station with phones on them
  • Scientists have proven that VR can be helpful for people with depression
  • The longest time someone has been is space is 428 days

Problem Defined: People who experience extended space travel don't see their families for a long period of time which can cause anxiety or depression.

Solution: We have created a Virtual Reality version of an astronaut's home. This has been designed by a VR Programmer that has modeled the astronaut's house. This would be loaded to a Flash Drive and sent with astronauts for use in space. The house would include the ability to interact with family members back on Earth.

Something that makes your idea unique or innovative: Astronauts can currently video chat with their family but it is not like being there. Our VR application allows the astronaut to experience their home away from home.

The Dream Team

Team members: Eve Alimansky, Tori Benjamin, Israel Carter, Rachel Gopalani, Grace Harvey, Eliana Jean, Nikoletta Kuvaeva, Emily Sidlow

Team number: #42199

Facts from their research

  • Haptic technology is the inestetic communication simulated by motors and sensors
  • The Tesla suit that is used primarily by gamers, created by Tesla, uses haptics, and is typically used for VR
  • What makes hugs unique include smells, pressure, and height of person (physical/emotional)
  • Hugs help relieve stress and anxiety {Carnegie Mellon University}
  • Researchers tested wether hugs act as protecting people from stress and social support - {Robert E Dougherty University}

Problem Defined: Astronauts feel lonely or depressed when in space for an extended period of time.

Solution described: They made a hug vest that simulates the pressure, smell and height of a loved one's hug using haptic technology

Something that makes your idea unique or innovative: Our suit uses compressed air ad can be customized to be programmed for three individual's hugs.


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