The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt Good life performance

When I first entered the theater, I immediately felt the theater's true grandeur. My seat was right in front of the stage which gave me the best view and clarity of the show from all angles.

The open and wide space made my experience more enjoyable and comfortable. People usually need a big seating space otherwise they cannot sit long enough for the entire show. When the lights dimmed, the entire audience got quite because they knew the show was coming. The snow also showed the background of the show and how detail the show was. The role of good life is to give people a place to enjoy the interesting and exciting performance.

I attended this performance with two friends who I met during the Good Life class. Watching the performance with my friends definitely made the experience more pleasurable and engaging because I can always talk to my friends when some interesting parts of the show came up. A shared experience enhance your feeling and perspective from different ways which can give you fresh way of thinking.

The performance helped me develop a new way of thinking about rich and poor. The two seminarians are Michaud, son of the province's minister, and Talbot, son of a poor family. Talbot's brother and mother much work in a shoe factory to pay for Talbot's schooling. No matter how the mother and brother try to make Talbot to understanding the purpose of schooling, Talbot still consider the big difference between poor family and rich family. Michaud tries to know the poor family better which shows the ruthless of rich people since they don't know anything about the poor family even at a adult age. The big gap between rich and poor can seen everywhere in my younger life. Some of my family members born and raised in village and they never dreamed to become rich even though their parents spent lots of money in education and tutoring. The fundamental thinking of these disadvantaged people are the rooted only a few of them can change their destiny. Rich children who live in the big city never know how tough life is in the village and they always think their life in the city is difficult but they have no idea what true obstacles are.

This plays showed us the unfairness and ruthless reality that oppresss people's life. After watching the show, my sense of tough life changed because Talbot's ending was so sad but it was normal to people who lived at that era. I feel I need to become more embracing in my life to achieve good life. I also see lots of obstacles in different way so I can gain more experience out of them. It is very valuable to reflect on myself base on the meaning of the show to get a better life.

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