Digital Photography

Hi, my name is Sara Foley and I am a Digital Photography student at Oxford High School.

What I was going for in my picture was to have leading lines.
Rule of Thirds Run off Leading Lines
I believe that the digital tintype process has more merit because if you were to make a mistake on the digital process, you would be able to go back and fix it. However if you were to do the hands on process and made a mistake you would have to restart. So I believe that the digital process is much easier than the hands on process.
I think that the outcome of the print came out well and I personally like it. I believe that this process through photoshop was easier, and faster paced because it is more modern. If I were to do the process where I put my negative in the sun it would have taken a longer period of time for it to be completed.
Doing a project like this was difficult, but we actually had a good time doing so. It took a lot of patience to take photographs like this because either the person in the background was blurry or our hands were off. Overall i really enjoyed working as group because we work well together. The pictures could be improved because the pictures could be clearer and getting our hands in the correct place could be improved although that is difficult to do.
I believe that I have grew as a photographer because now when taking a picture I stop and think about how I'm going to have to change my exposure and aperture based off the weather on that specific day I am shooting. I also take more time focusing on the composition of a photo because I want to shoot photos that use the Rule of thirds or have leading lines instead of being spot on in the middle. I enjoy taking pictures of people, mostly family, because it's a way to capture one's true personality and I also like taking pictures of nature.
The style I used was double exposure. The process itself was difficult and takes an insane amount of patience so you can truly capture what you want. If i were to use this technique again I would choose a photo where her facial features would be more visible or choose another picture (for example replacing the flowers) so that it was not as dark.
I recreated Ansel Adams by copying his style by taking a picture of a flower because he does mostly landscapes but also does nature. I also made it monochromatic like he has most of his work.If I were to change anything I would get closer and pay attention to more details of the flower.
Thematic Pictures Reading left to right- Tree, Flowers, Garden, Old, Smiles, D is for Dog, Bubbles, and Something I made. (sorry i forgot the dates(-: ) I think the pictures of the red flower sis the strongest because you can see the water still on the flowers from the rain moments before the picture was taken. My Favorite photo ever taken was probably One of my thematic photos like a picture of the tree or my recreation photo of the flower. I really enjoy taking pictures of nature. My least favorite was probably the ones of the bubbles because i would rather have a photo of someone blowing bubbles.


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