My personal Naritive CLaudia schwartz

When My family and I go on trips we go on awesome ones. So we can catch up with each other, and learn to get along with my siblings. So we just happen to do family rides and a traditional one is the “Tower of Terror”.

The huge doors opened, we walked inside of the building, the doors started closing with a loud creak then bang they were closed. I couldn't see anything it was pitch black. there was My dad, my 2 sisters, and I , and this other couple that were so scared, it was funny. A little 1970’s television turned on , it was the only light. The little room finally started moving and we were on the way to the top. a bright light came on and the tv turned off, it was a projector flashing the wall. It showed two girls at the end of a hallway saying, “Come play with me, for ever and ever and ever!”. They kept repeating it. It was scary.

When we got to the top, it was still dark in the elevator. A man started talking and said, “find a seat everyone.” He paused, “The ride will begin shortly.” everyone sat down, all the seats were all full. There were six seats. Right when I got my buckle on we went down, down, down, so fast I couldn’t breath, I felt my stomach drop. It stopped went up, but not all the way. We dropped again, but this time we saw flashes and and lights like there was paparazzi taking pictures. We dropped one last time and stayed down. We unbuckled and got off the ride. There was a man right outside the doors saying very loudly, “Pictures, Come get your pictures”.

My dad walked over there and looked at our pictures, They were hilarious! My dad was so weird, he had his tongue out and his eyes opened to the max. both of my sister were just plain old screaming, and then there's me. I had my arms up, teeth showing in a smile from ear to ear!

The Tower of Terror was just one adventure we have been on, we will have more fun adventures as a family, and love each other even more every time. We had so much fun together at disney world. We will have next time too.


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