Sexism and Homophobia in Advertisements By: Daniel Pereira

Table of Contents

  • Carl's Junior Sexist Ad.... 1
  • New York Knicks Homophobic Ad.... 2
  • ProteinFX Sexist Ad.... 3
  • Make it Nasty by Tyga, Sexist Music Video.... 4
  • Report.... 5
Carl's Junior Sexist Advertisement

In the Carl's Junior advertisement for their chicken fillet sandwich, the big, bold caption that catches the target audience's eye immediately says, "EVERYBODY LOVES BIG BREASTS". Not only is this statement sexist against women but, it objectifies the female body. The female body is being depicted as a piece of meat by Carl's Junior by comparing a chicken breast to a the female breast. This reinforces sexism because, young females who see this advertisement see themselves as nothing more than a "piece of meat" or an object. By using the female body to sell items, the young males who view this advertisement might see women as how Carl's Junior depicted women to be, a piece of meat. The males will assume that, it is okay to objectify females and their body because, the big companies that everyone loves does it, and females are conditioned to think this way because, that is what they see.

New York Knicks Homophobic Advertisement

This advertisement for the New York Knicks negatively talks about the LGTBQ community, in particular gay men. The line, "You can see a Broadway harness malfunction or watch real men fly". Is homophobic because, it degrades those who are gay. The message the advertisement was supposed to have on its viewers was, 'come watch a basketball game' but, the message that individuals get from this advertisement is that gay men are not "real men". The New York Knicks have seem to presume that all gay men are feminine because of the hobbies or occupations some of them desire to be in. The way the New York Knicks have negatively impacted the way hetero-sex individuals look at gay individuals by their terrible 'humor' was to demonstrate that all gay men are feminine, all gay men participate in the arts and don't participate in 'manly' things like sports. This advertisement may also negatively impact children who are questioning their sexuality. The advertisement tells these boys that "real men" play sports, and gay men participate in the arts. These individuals who are questioning themselves may not want to express their sexuality because they do not want to be diminished as human beings or as men.

ProteinFX Sexist Advertisement

ProteinFX's advertisement not only discriminates against the female body but, it fat shames women who are not skinny by saying they're not beautiful. Their bold statement, "KEEP AUSTRALIA BEAUTIFUL" damages the self esteem of women and little girls and potentially males. Although the male body is not being depicted in the picture, the message itself is powerful enough. The message boys or even young men might get from this advertisement is, if you're not skinny, you're not beautiful. For women, this is just another stereotype being thrown onto a pile of more stereotypes. Women and young girls will look at this advertisement and think to themselves that the only way they'll be beautiful is if they look like the girl in the advertisement. This advertisement reinforces sexism because young women who see this advertisement may look at themselves and think they're not beautiful. This advertisement throws in another stereotype that women have to live with and men will reinforce. Men or little boys who will see this advertisement will be led to believe that this is what a 'beautiful' woman looks like.

Tyga- Make it Nasty Sexist Music Video

Tyga's music video for Make It Nasty starts off by warning its viewers that you must be eighteen years or older to view this music video due to explicit content and sexual content. As the music progresses, viewers see naked or half naked women kissing, touching, and participating in sexual acts with on another. The entire music video degrades women for the pleasures of the male eye. In the music video, it is common to see one or two girls naked dancing, kissing, and touching each other on top of men's laps. Again, males who view this music video will only look at women as sexual objects and for their own pleasures. The continuous use of the word b*tch throughout the song only degrades women more because, you're not referring to women as women anymore, they're "b*tches". This music video reinforces sexism because the music video is portraying women as sexual objects for men. Young women who see this video might see themselves as nothing as an object for male pleasure. The young boys who see this music video will only do what they see, continue the trend and treat women like they see in the music video, as objects and "b*tches". THIS IS THE LINK FOR THE VIDEO, YOU MUST SIGN INTO YOUTUBE USING YOUR GMAIL ACCOUNT TO VIEW VIDEO


For the companies, advertisers, and musicians, the number one priority is to catch the attention of the public and sell your product. These individuals such as Carl's Junior, ProtienFX, and rapper/ hip-hop artist Tyga don't seem to care about stepping on the eggshells of society. For years, companies and music artists like the examples above have exploited women sexually. These companies and musicians have not only gained the attention of the general public but, have gained the attention of little girls, ultimately destroying their confidence and sparking mental health problems.

As girls enter adolescence, their confidence declines and they experience higher rates of depression (Canadian Women's Foundation, 2016). For girls, "depression typically stems from low self esteem [and] negative body image" (Canadian Women's Foundation, 2016). Although companies and musicians don't think their advertisements impact adolescent females, in fact, "research has shown that seeing sexualized images of women causes many girls to be highly critical of their bodies" (Canadian Women's Foundation, 2016).

In Carl's Junior's advertisement, the eye catching caption, "everyone loves big breasts", damages a young girls self esteem. Companies have conditioned society to have certain preferences of the female body about what's attractive and what's not attractive like having big breasts, big butt, hour glass figure, and many more. Young females who already question their bodies, who view this advertisement only increase the amount of doubt they have on themselves and lower their own self esteem.

Over the recent years, the sexualisation of women in music videos has also risen. Rap/ hip-hop artist Tyga's music video for Make It Nasty has not only gained the attention of girls who may think this is okay, it is also gained the attention of boys. Research has shown that, "the pervasive sexualized images of women also affect how boys think about girls" (Canadian Women's Foundation, 2016). In hindsight, the more music videos that sexualize females, the more sexist a boys belief system becomes. Tyga's music video has shown girls that they are nothing more than sexual toys for men's pleasure, and the boys who view this music video believe that women are nothing more than sexual objects. This type of belief system only feeds into rape culture.

In conclusion, the over sexualisation of women in advertisements like Carl's Junior and ProteinFX, and music videos like Tyga's Make it Nasty have caught the attention of many young girls, damaging their self esteem and increasing mental health issues such as depression. It has also caught the attention of young males who only push the sexualisation of women further by treating women how they see women are treated.

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