Kate's Quirky Travel Guide to Asia Great pLaces in Asia

The Himalayas/Mount Everest is a great place to come and see mountains. Being one of the youngest mountain ranges in the world it is 60 million years old. It is referred to as " Goddess of the Universe. " Wouldn't you want to see the great features it has and why it's a " goddess?" Mount Everest can be hot or cold so if you don't like cold you can go when it's hot or when it might even be a good temperature you like. Visit the Himalayas/ Mount Everest and find out!

Plateau of Tibet "Roof of the World" is a great place in Asia to visit. This Plateau has an astonishing amount of glaciers. It is called the " Roof of the world" because it stands 3 miles above sea level and is surrounded by mountain ranges which are Mount Everest and K2. This plateau provides water for more than half of Asia. Wouldn't you want to see the great water it brings and all of its great features? It's also surrounded by the peak of the Himalayas which means you can stop by the Himalayas too!

The Taklimakan Desert is one of the greatest deserts in Asia. Xinjiang is where it is located. Legend states that you can get into the Taklimakan but you can't get out. Maybe you could try to get in and out. Researchers found mummies here. You can take a shot at searching for all of the other artifacts that have said to be hidden in the desert. In this desert you never know if it will be hot or cold. So if you like good weather, the Taklimakan Desert is the way to go. Go take a look at it because it will be a great adventure!

This desert is the desert to visit. It's known for dunes, mountains and rare animals. But don't get too close to all the animals. They may look cute but they could be dangerous. This desert is far less sandy then most deserts. Very few sand storms which means you can enjoy your time there without the worry. This desert is home to the first fossilized dinosaur egg and maybe you could find other artifacts! This desert also helped Silk Road traders and contained important cites for trade. Maybe you could go visit these cities and take a step into ancient history.

The North China Plain is another one of Asias great features. This great plain used to be home to an Indian tribe. Make sure to stop by the Yellow River because it is right along it. You can also stop by the Yan mountains because it is bordered by it. You can get wheat, cotton, peanuts, sesame seed and many more. You can harvest them and take them home. It's a great experience and you won't regret it.

Huang He River also known as the Yellow River is an important river in Asia. 12% of China's population uses the river as a water source. It is called the Yellow River because of the sediment and silt in it. It is a great river and don't you want to see if it's Yellow or not? It's called "Mother of Rivers" because it is so big and unique. Be careful because 2/3 of the river is polluted. Other than that it is a great river and you can go visit.

Chang Jiang River is another great and amazing river in Asia. It is third longest river in the world. It is huge! It's a great river to visit and it's very clean. It has served for Asias means of transportation for 2,000 years. It is the longest river system in China spreading all the way across! This river is used for sight seeing so go out there with your boat and go win.

The Bay of Bengal has formed as the Indian subcontinent for the past 50 million years! It is also used for transportation of raw materials. The weather is very warm here so if you want a warm vacation, come here! It has a very high pressure system. Go visit all the fish and you can take your boat out there and fish. You can see all the water animals. Are you up for it?

The Dead Sea may look scary, but it's not. Being the lowest point on earth it has many cool features to it. This area is known to be home by 5 biblical cities. It is very warm due to the salt so if you go to swim it will be very good place to swim and take a vacation. Kings and queens have been in the sea soaking up all its greatness and it's great features. Do you want to soak up its greatness too. Go visit it!

This was my travel guide and I hope you enjoyed. Stay tuned for more!


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