ten things i learned fat sick and nearly dead

1. Changes in diet can have way more of an impact than pills when it comes to treating a host of diseases.

2. Make sure to consult a doctor if you have any medical conditions before going on a juice cleanse if you plan on doing it for more than one day.

3. Many health problems can be reversed with dietary changes.

4. Your body was built function on primitive diet fruits and vegetables and some animals

5. When you fast you burn your fat reserves and this makes you extremely energized

6. Juice cleansing can be used to reset your taste palette.

7. Your body needs more fresh food because processed foods don't fill you up because they lack fiber.

8. once the diet is changed you have to surround yourself with a group that will help you keep the weight off

9. By cleansing it greatly reduces migraines

10. It is all a lifestyle choice to be unhealthy

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christian cheek Cheek7134

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