Sandro Botticelli The Early Renaissance

His original name was Alessandro di Mariano Filipepi Botticelli
Botticelli was born in 1445, Florence, Italy

Sandro Botticelli was an Italian painter and draughtsman.

Botticelli was an apprentice to his brother, training to be a goldsmith. He later was a pupil of the painter Fra Filippo Lippi. Lippi taught Botticelli a more intimate and detailed manner. This detailed new style Botticelli learned was Neo-Platonism.

He was one of the most publicly praised painters during his lifetime. His middle years were the high point of his popularity and wealth. The Medici's influence greatly increased Botticelli's fame. During their patronage he was asked by the Papacy to travel to Rome in order to paint parts of the Sistine Chapel. He painted many famous paintings like:
The Birth of Venus
Botticelli fit in with Renaissance simply with his artwork. Neo-Platonism, a method that helped him appeal to many tastes including Christianity and paganism, was a renewal of art. The way it was created and what it contained, much being centered around the human figure rather than the space. At the time, human achievement, figure, and anatomy were important and being studied.

Despite his beautiful work, Botticelli was soon brushed back and forgotten once Leonardo da Vinci the "Renaisssance Man" and Michelangelo arrived with their new style. During the time of the 16th century his work was considered old fashioned despite being made during the 1490's. He continued working even when art was being prosecuted as ungodly and was deemed to be burned and destroyed. No matter what obstacle approached him, except being crippled, Botticelli continued his work. Hard work and persistence really do pay off.

Alessandro di Mariano Filipepi Botticelli died May 17, 1510 [ age 64] in Florence, Republic of Florence.
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