Papa Emeritus I and the first incarnation of the Nameless Ghouls (2008-2013)

Ghost, also known as Ghost BC, is a controversial Swedish metal band established in late 2008, who's music speak of Satan and his praise. Their album debut in 2010, Opus Eponymous, was received well in their home country of Sweden as well as several other European countries. Due to the messages that their music conveys, Ghost was not allowed to perform in the United States, nor releasing the final album art of their second album that was released in 2013, Infestissumam, due to explicit content. With the third album release in 2015, and the Popestar EP the following year, Ghost's reputation has massively increased, and have been allowed to tour in the United States.

Papa Emeritus II and the second incarnation of the Nameless Ghouls (2013-2015)

With the release of each album, the frontman of the band, Papa Emeritus, is changed, with each Papa Emeritus getting younger. The actual band members of Ghost are not satanic, their frontman, Papa Emeritus, has stated in several interviews that the band's satanic messages within their music are purely a sort of stage act, completely satirical, and not meant to be taken seriously.

Papa Emeritus III and the third incarnation of the Nameless Ghouls (2015-Present)

Ghost has won several awards over the span of their band's lifetime. They won the Best Hard Rock/Metal Album in the Swedish Grammis in years 2013 (Infestissumam), 2015 (Meliora), and 2016 (Popestar). As well the Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance Grammy in 2016 for the performance of their song Cirice.

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