Inside The Mind of a Sneaker Head

Sneaker Heads - A sneakerhead is a person who collects, trades or admires sneakers as a hobby. A sneakerhead may also be highly experienced in distinguishing between real and fake replica sneakers.

Shoes filled to the ceiling Antonia Mcgee's closet. Antonio has over 50 pairs of shoes in this closet still in the original boxes. At the peak of Antonio's shoe collecting he has upwards to a 170 pair of shoes.

Sneaker heads tend to collect, sell, trade high end sneakers. The most Desirable for trade are limited addition Air Jordans and for the sneaker casual Yezzy's designed by Kanye West and manufactured by Adidas.

Detroit Michigan native Antonio Mcgee started collecting shoes when he was 17 years old, now 34 he has upwards of a 170 pairs. I have so many pairs of shoes I stock a lot of older pair in my parents basement. I only can hold about 50 pair in my my Phoenix Arizona apartment. At its peak, my shoe collection was worth $12000

Tony keeps the majority of his shoes at his parents house back in Detroit Michigan. "I have limited closet space in my apartment"

Tony said he start collecting as a hobby and it blossomed from there. He discovered that he could resell shoes and make money. " a lot of times I would by two pair of Jordans on the release date, and save a pair to sell years later at 3 to 4 times the original value".

Tony stated it's a code on which sneakers to collect. He said a few you "must"have in your collection are: Nike Air Foamposite One - Black/Black - 2007 Release. Adidas Superstar II, Air Jordan II (white & red), Nike SB Dunk Low ( Tiffany blue), Air Jordan 5 ( Laney), and Reebok Shaqnosis just to name a few.

Two of the collectors Jordan's still in their original boxes to sell in years to come.
Jordan 1's collectors edition

Tony went on to discuss how Yeezy's hit the scene and took over the casual sneaker market. Tony stated this came into play when you want to go to a club and they don't allow sneakers. The casual market filled this void.

Tony said that all his shoes are not for collecting and selling.Tony has a least 40 pair he just loves to wear. Tony's favorites are Nike Air Max, Chuck Taylors, Creative Labs Casual. I also just have a few pair I use just to play basket ball in!

I would say my favorite is my Nike Air Max collection, they are comfortable stylish and every year is a bit different.

Air Max collection
Every day running and basketball collection
Yezzy's and Creative Labs sneaker casual collection

In conclusion, Tony feels he will collect sneakers for the rest of his life. He believes that its more than a hoppy it’s a life style. Tony believes he will start to sell most of his collection once he settles down with a family. But on the other hand, having kids may inspire a new chapter. Either way Tony says he will be a sneaker head for life!

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