Mzimude Gorge Hike The Heart of Discovery

I will do anything for a hike into the Drakensberg Mountains. The top of the escarpment is where we all aim for, but in the lower reaches there are many gems. There are not many places in the Drakensberg that I have not been to, and Mzimude Gorge was one of them. I just called it Mzimude Gorge because it is a gorge with no name and under the watchful eye of Mzimude Peak. It is an area between Secret cave and Wave cave that not people go to, also with no paths. My planned access up a ridge behind Wave Cave area did not work out as there were some steep rock bands and being by myself did not want to take a chance. So, I walked past Secret Cave and then up the steep hill directly above Secret Cave, onto the plateau above and made my way along the side of Mzimude Gorge. It’s an amazing place with a water fall at the head of the gorge and other smaller ones along the edge. The weather was very overcast the entire hike and the evening temp went down to 3 degrees, and I spent a cool night in my 0-degree sleeping bag. According to the weather forecast the next morning was meant to be misted in, but I was excited to see good visibility for sunrise photos. The one photo I took with the sunrise, the sun burst lasted 2 minutes and then sun was gone for the rest of the day. That was a shot of good timing, as if a heavenly portal opened for 2 mins just for my one shot. The highlight for me besides the gorge were all the orange Watsonias which were in magnificent bloom. Thank you, Jesus!!


All credit to our Creator.