Colombia unesco world heritage site

Describe the site (location)

Streets of Colombia are really pretty they have different colors.

Colombians are extremely polite by nature, some regions more than others. The words "please, " "thank you," and "you're welcome" are words you'll definitely want to use frequently here and are also words you'll hear quite frequently in many different ways.

Why is this site or location important?

Church of Colombia are those that are big and that almost all the people go.

Colombia is the only South American country with coastlines on both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. They also have a history of back in Civil War.

Why does the site or location need to be protected? What would happen if it were neglected?

Rainy days might not be bad they look pretty whenever they capture the moment as you can see the picture above.

It needs to be protect so there would not be any deaths or have any problem with families and kids. And that little kids would not be bad influence and they can have a perfect future.

How to visit the site?

Every placed that you go in Colombia well i imagine that their will be a lot of flags of them that represents them.

If you have time, want to save money,buses are a good way to travel in Colombia.If you have extra money/want to save time flights in Colombia are a quicker way to get around.Aires Airlines has some good deals.

A summary of your argument for visiting and protecting the site?

The city of Colombia can be a beautiful place to go and have a great place to live or travel.

For me this city can be something great for that we can all work together to stop the violence or stop the bad influence that drug dealers do to kids, teens, or families members to join in to survive.

Created By
Ana Maldonado


Created with images by Luz Adriana Villa A. - "And God said, Let there be light: and there was light" • Luz Adriana Villa A. - "Puertas de Cartagena" • FerGarciaPhoto - "Iglesia del Carmen" • Pexels - "buildings colombia drop of water" • clopezgmz - "colombia flag sky" • Julianza - "cartagena colombia caribbean"

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