It's All An Experience: Through My Eyes By Eva Chotani

Do you really feel safe on campus?

Students experiences with safety on SJSU campus.

The Working Poor

One students experiences of hard work to get where they want to be, Looking through their eyes.

The struggle to be healthy.

A students experience of working out, maintaining beauty, while being a student.

To you dear Didu.

My experience of expressing emotions in regards for the love I have for her.

Everyone changes the world one step at a time, Mayra Marcotte is no exception. Her work with the SVO has shaped the lives of many and created pathways of inspiration to numerous companies. She is considered what is called a game changer.

Who is a Game Changer?

Mayra Flores de Marcotte, that is what the government knows her by, but the Silicon Valley Organization knows her by a whole new name, the Vice President of Communications.

Mayra has never left her beloved city of San Jose. Never once has she complained about it. Her admiration has grown for the city in which she continues to reside in to raise her own family, but also continues to show greater admiration through her dedication to raising the community, the businesses, and people.

She has been a game changer to this community through her work with companies, nonprofits, and the SVO to make San Jose and its inhabitants what and who they are today. She has helped and touched the lives of many through her work with the SVO by communicating their story to the public.

Surpassing the stigma behind being Mexican raised while living in America, Mayra has experienced life by living out her passion for her career in Public Relations and Journalism, but it didn’t start off that way.

Through determination and reputation building, Mayra has proven to the people and the businesses of San Jose through her work that there are still people in this world that can stay in one place their whole lives and do something to make a difference.

Her goal has always been to rely on her relationship with the city to help elevate her knowledge, education, and passion to push the City of San Jose forward into a place of continuous growth. How she does that seems to be a superpower she possess.

Through her devotion to this city, Mayra has changed the lives of many and asked nothing in return but prosperity.

My experiences through viewing life through a screen.


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