The Life Of Roosevelt Tiffany verkruysse

Early life

~born in New York

~bad asthma

~very active kid; boxing, running etc.


Harvard University (as pictured)

Harvard college

Columbia Law School

Teddy Roosevelt actually hated law school.


~Wife died

~His mother died

Teddy Roosevelt's wife died two days after giving birth to his daughter, and his mother died just 11 short hours before.

His Daughter then stayed with his sister until she was three.

Naval war of 1812

~First book "The naval war of 1812" published in 1882

~He wasn't biased, he went with facts

Emergence as a national figure

~backed the speaker of the house

~president of the board in NYC police division

~Secretary of the Navy

~Formed "First US Volenteer Calvary Regiment"

"US Volenteer Calvary Regement" aka, "Rough riders", charged up kettle hill.


Youngest president; 42

Sworn in at Ansley Wilcox House

"Square deal"

First president to create press room.

Square deal- fairness for all citizens.

Three C's: conservation, cooperate busting, & consumer protection

Post presidency

Hand picked next president

African safari

"Bull Moose party"

Shot during speech

Roosevelt chose Howard Taft, but later realized he didn't like him because he wasn't the one running everything.

After presidency, Roosevelt went on an African safari. Working for smithsonian, he hunted animals for museums.

Teddy Roosevelt created the "Bull Moose Party". He said he was as tough as a Bull Moose.

Roosevelt was shot during a speech. Bullet went through a bible and entered his chest. He stood back up and continued to speak.


January 6,1919

Died in his sleep

60 years old


Nobel peace prize- 1906

Medal of Honor- 2001

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