Family Camping Trip Lane poole reserve

This week we loaded up the vehicle and headed out for a family adventure. We are spending four days out in the Australian wilderness with no running water or electricity.

On the way we had the chance to view some of the beautiful country side.

We are camping at the Lane Poole Reserve, which is on the Murray River. The Reserve covers more than 50,000 hectares and is the largest park in the northern jarrah forest.

The reserve protects about 500 species of native plants, 32 species of mammals, 123 species of birds, 42 species of reptile, 16 species of amphibian and six species of native fish.

*Pictured is the Kookaburra

Lane Poole Reserve is very popular for camping. During summer, the river provides a tranquil setting forward swimming, canoeing and fishing.

After winter rains, the river rises with white water and fast currents, creating a challenge for more experienced canoeists and kayakers.

With no electricity and no city lights around, it got very dark at night.

In the morning the animals were pretty noisy and a little frightening.

But nothing was as scary as the toilets.😜

We had a lot of fun with our friends Gary, Gina and Indi.

Exploring the area, we found lots of cool and interesting things.

We even found a little water fall.

Swimming in the Murray River was our favorite.

We even found a rope to swing from.

It was awesome

Camping at Lane Poole Reserve was a blast!

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Josh Venden


Photos by Frame of Mind Design, LLC

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