Epic Archetypes BY Krystal Xiong

Intelligence- A leader must always make the right decisions. Not only for himself, but also for his team. He mustn't always fight forever and use his mind.

Bravery- To win and fight along your comrades; to intimidate your opponent with such determination to win.

Brute Strength- To intimidate or overpower your opponent, you must overpower them and inflict fear into their minds.

Intelligence- As Circe told him his three choices, Odysseus chose Scylla to fight as he didn't want to risk his crewmen's lives if not all of them. Also, if they had gone against Charybdis, Odysseus would have lost the entire ship rather than a few lives.

Bravery- Declaring his name to the Cyclops, Odysseus belittled his opponent and taunted him, until the Cyclops threw a boulder and cursed him.

Brute Strength- Fighting the Cicones, Odysseus just charged right into their land and fought them. They were driven out form the land and into the sea.

Intelligence- As scary as he looks, Nicolas is intelligent. Just because he's deaf doesn't mean he's stupid. Wallace taught him how to write and read sign language. He also grew up reading lips and became very aware of how great his eyes were. All in all, Nicolas isn't a lost cause. He just wants to see blood shed.

Bravery- As a young teen, Nicolas took the only copy of the sign language book to the battlefield. As his team flees, an explosion erupts near them, causing Nicolas to let go of the book and into the flames. Instead of leaving it behind, Nicolas goes after it into the flames and comes back with a few burns.

Brute Strength- Fighting with Erika, Nicolas overdoses himself so he can fight without feeling any pain. He gets overpowered by her and soon enough, he's found himself strapped down to one of Dr. Theo's beds and feeling the after effects of the drugs.

1) Technically, I didn't choose a modern hero. But I did choose a character whose life is basically Hell. But my hero and Odysseus are very different.

2) Today, heroes are portrayed as saving the city from an evil villian or rescuing citizens from something terrible. 3000 years ago, heroes were more like defeating a monster and getting credit for it. So, the roles haven't really changed, but more like enhanced.

3) The heroes I always choose are dead. Most of the time. Gone. But, I guess they kind of give me like a false sense of security. Like my modern hero isn't really much of a hero. He's deaf and doesn't like following orders. But he's shown to be very kind in the manga and anime, if only slightly.

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