How to Contact Support

A user will be able to contact support based on their "Role" in Admin Console.

Case 1: System Administrator or Support Administrator on Admin Console

Step 1: Log into Adobe Sign

Step 2: Click on "?" and "Contact Support"

Step 3: If you are a System Admin / Support Admin on Admin Console, you will be redirected to Admin Console (you can also login to Admin Console directly and follow Step 4 to create ticket)

Step 4: Click on “Support” tab to see Support options:

a) Create Case: Choose "Administration" for Admin related queries like SSO, User Sync, tool, etc. or choose "Product" for a specific product related query (follow the screens and enter all relevant information - Priority, Product, etc)

b) Start Chat: Select "Adobe Sign"

Additional Info: Admins will be able to see case history under this "Support" tab. For any open case, you also have the ability to "Escalate"

Case 2: User is not an Administrator on the Admin Console

Step 1: Log into Adobe Sign

Step 2: Click on "?" and "Contact Support"

Step 3: This will redirect the user to Document Cloud home page. Click on "Support" and "Contact us" for chat / phone call options