Every Athlete's Dream Still life photography

our theme: sports

The theme that all of us decided on was Sports. Mostly because it was one of the things that we all had in common and loved to do. So we brought props into art class according to what sport we liked. I got football shoes, so did Arjun and Aryan. Whereas Adit and Eeshan got cricket gear. We created a scene (as you can see in the picture above) which is like a combination of both cricket and football. We took many different sets, some looking very orderly and symmetrical while others disorganized and messy. Each of them were unique in different ways. In this picture (our final product) The main props are the football and the shoes, mostly the football. First of all, the football is the biggest and most attractive thing in the scene. It is the first thing that your eye would go to. We also had some other supporting props like the bottle and the cricket ball.

the great ace 17.3

Most of my images (as I said before) have the dapple or the silk effect, which is how I have edited it. Our goal of this image is for the studs to be like focused on a lot. To enforce this idea I changed the focal point and added an ink background to focus on the studs. The light angle for this image was from the top which is why it is so light.

the diffusion

The goal of this image was to represent the diffusion of cricket and football. Also one of the elements of this image is symmetry, it is not exactly symmetrical although we wanted it to be organized. The light angle we chose for this image was from both sides which is why there are no definite shadows. I wanted the image to have like a soft effect which is why I chose a blue overlay for the edited image, for the effect (and you will notice this in most of my images) I chose the dappled effect.

a different perspective

This image is just a different perspective of the previous one although we did a different light angle - Left. Which I why you can see the definite shadows leaning to the right. In the edited image I wanted it to have that transparent but colored effect if you know what I mean. I also adjusted the focal point to focus on the studs.

The shoes!

I obtained this image by cropping it out of one of our final images. We didn't really have a light angle for this since we didn't take it in the light box. And we thought that the natural class light was good enough for our image. When I edited it I just wanted it to stay the same although I wanted to blur it a little (or a lot) and add a simple overlay.

Playing with light

The goal of these two images was to understand how different light angles have a different effect on the image. The one to the right is the up light angle, and the one to the left is the left light angle. The up light angle makes the image brighter although the up angle doesn't have definite shadows. Although the left angle is much much darker is has definite shadows.

Thank You


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