Monster Trucks Trucks that crush cars

Monster Power

It takes a lot of power for a monster truck to zoom. A monster trucks engines are huge. It uses more fuel then most truck engines.

Driving the monster

Monster trucks soar higher then any trucks in the world. The truck zooms threw cars and ramps. They can crush things that other trucks can not crush.

History of Monster Trucks Racing

One truck is knocked out of the competition in each heat. Grave Digger the legend and EL ToroLoco were the only trucks left on March 23, 2013,let out a loud cheer.

Giant Tires

Monster trucks can plow trough deep mud with their tires. Most monster trucks tires are 66 inches 168 centimeters tall. That's taller than adults.

Built to Bounce

Springs and shocks 96 sorbelt keep the body and the frame of monster trucks from bouncing too much.

The Drivers

Getting behind the wheel of a 10,000 pounds of truck is a dream came true for many monster truck jam drivers.


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