Codex Venereorum Abstracta The Book and new series of art by mark Humes

It started as I looked at Blake. Penthouse Pet December 2016. I had the need to show beauty in a different way, as I felt a camera alone could not do justice to a Goddess amongst women.

I explored the back issues of Penthouse and let my mind take flight with January 2016 Pet Christiana Cinn

In February we found Darcie Dolce as the lines between art and pornography blur with what is real and what is abstract.

By the time I reached March, Pet Blake Eden made her presents known. I thanked the gods of art technology as the digital allowed me to create in days what would have taken weeks with oil paints.

April brought Penthouse Pet Jenna Sativa to my eyes to be immortalized in the twisted lines of my mindscapes and art.

In the heat of August Penthouse brought me Pet Lana Rhoades. A classic beauty of female form I could not help but defile with color and line.

In June I found a new meaning in scalding seduction with Pet Lily Ivy. Passion and emotion that is the soul of art.

In November the embodiment of confidence and presents appeared to me and her name was Mary Moody. I could believe at that moment some women were born to be Penthouse Pets and I had to freeze that image in time.

In October Penthouse Pet Mia Malkova stood before me as the ultimate blond bombshell and I could not help but take liberties with passionate shades of red.

On New years day 2017 I laid eyes on the first Penthouse Pet of the year Naomi Woods. As I explored her image with my brush of light I hear the fading echos of Imoan,Imoan.

When I found September I found fire and ice her name was Misty Lovelace.

In July I found fireworks Noelle Monique. The image of her alone in the woods made me want to join her as I covered her with the colors exploding in my head.

With May I found Penthouse pet Paulini. Ever the vision of sleeping beauty. As I looked at her my artist mind found peace. I gave her the last of my colors as the song if I close my eyes forever played in my mind.

Codex Venereorum Abstracta is a pictorial exploration by Artist, Mark Humes into the merging of Digital, Erotic and Abstract art based on the hottest ladies of Penthouse magazine. The idea behind this book is to ask the question; What constitutes pornography and what constitutes art. Is the gap between the two only based on personal morality? Only the reader can make the call.

See all 50 images in their full beauty

Codex Venereorum Abstracta by Mark Humes

To see more artwork by Mark Humes Please visit Mark Humes Gallery

I want to offer a special word of thanks to Penthouse Magazine whose beautiful images and models were my muse; Remember when you need inspiration go to Penthouse.

Created By
Mark Humes


All Images created by Mark Humes

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