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Below are several links to cool deals you came take advantage of. By enjoying any of the offerings below you will be helping support the efforts of Alex Merced. The funds Alex Merced makes from these offerings are used to help offset costs in producing resources for libertarians.


One of the easiest ways to support Alex's efforts is to become a monthly supporter on Patreon for as little as $5/mo.

One Time PayPal Donation

Every dollar is appreciated as there is lot of overhead costs to maintain the several projects I'm involved with. So thank you for even considering a donation and reading this.

Reading List

Alex Merced has curated the below reading list for libertarians. Click on it and a portion of your Amazon purchase will go to support Alex Merced at no extra cost To you!


Alex Merced has created several fun Libertarian t-shirts with great slogans like "Make Markets free Again" and "Make Markets Not War". Pick up a few tshirts for your wardrobe today.


Alex Merced is a big fan of blue host as a hosting company. If you sign up for bluehost using the link below contact Alex Merced and he will make sure to mention your website on his podcast.

Buzzsprout Podcast Hosting

Host your podcast using buzzsprout (what I use for the AlexMercedCast). If you use my link below you will get $20 Amazon gift card with any paid subscription. (There is a free hosting option as well)


Get a free $10 of bitcoin for using this link if you buy $100 of bitcoin. Coinbase can be a wallet for bitcoin, litecoin, and ethereum.

Cryptocurrency Donations

Donate Cryptocurrency to Alex by Sending currency to the following addresses.

Bitcoin(BTC): 1JU14eqq5taUKuiJJpawoPv4LGAjYJ7Td2

Litecoin: LYTmjZ428S8JRGgHGCq7fwyK2MDexLusqP

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For any coin that supports the OmniWallet Protocol send to: 1PBGuobF8hMzzj2rVcRFncrLofy1uRC8JY

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