GlenwoodTimes #3 - March 2018

Headmaster's Message

The first term of 2018 has gone by in a flash and we are gearing ourselves for a well- deserved but busy break as this is a period of time in which we see a number of schools sports festivals taking place across the country. Glenwood is particularly excited because we are hosting the Independent Schools College Rugby Festival for the first time over the Easter weekend. I would like to use this opportunity to extend an invitation to all our pupils and parents to come and support our 1st XV and also watch and enjoy some good rugby. We also wish our hockey teams in the College the best of luck for their respective tournaments. The U16 girls are travelling to Hermanus, the U16 boys will be in Stellenbosch and the U14 boys and girls will be in action at Outeniqua.

Also allow me to extend my gratitude to all our pupils, parents and staff for the amount of hard work that has gone into making this a successful term. Everyone deserves this break and I am sure that all of us will return to school refreshed and ready to tackle the challenges that the 2nd term has in store for us.

little glens corner

market day

Market Day at Little Glens is always lots of fun!

Grade 000 outside play

Outside play is always fun. Grade 000 classes enjoying the jungle gym and see-saw.

Grade 00 opposite day

The Grade 00s enjoyed their opposite dress up day.

Annual Grade R family camp

You going where this weekend? Really, a Grade camp for 5 year olds? Do you not work hard enough? These are some of the questions we at Little Glens are asked when planning our Annual Grade R family camp. However, as the day of the camp draws near, we know that this is going to be another memorable family camp.

The excitement mounts in the days leading up to our camp. The children start counting sleeps, while the teachers and parents start considering what to pack. The Grade R family camp has been one of our hidden treasures at Little Glens for the past 8 years. This year we were blessed to visit Herolds Bay camp resort, just outside George, at one of our most popular beaches on the Garden Route.

The day dawned, with grey clouds lurking, and the promise of a lovely summer drizzle; however, this did little to dampen the spirits of the many happy campers arriving to set up camp. As parents got down to the business of choosing campsites (and neighbours!) and setting up tents, the children hopped on their bicycles and soon the sound of children’s laughter and whooshing of bicycles filled the air. A short walk down to the beach got the children excited about the scavenger hunt, although the drizzle sent us back up to the campsite for cover.

Thanks to some energetic dads, soon the smell of campfire smoke filled the air, and once the marshmallows were out, the children did not mind the breezy evening. After a very enjoyable braai, most of the campers decided to settle down for the night, with the waves crashing in the distance.

Early on Sunday morning, the beautiful sunshine chased us from our sleeping bags. All the children enjoyed hot chocolate at their teacher’s tent, before heading down to the beach for the Sand Sculpting competition. It was such a treasure to see so many families working together on the beach, having fun with each other, creating masterpieces and memories. As the teachers stepped back to look at the creations and the people surrounding us, we realised that God’s fingerprints are all around us, sometimes we have to dig deep to find the time to make these special moments a reality.

Left: Parents getting to know each other around a good old braai at our campsite. Middle: Brooklyn-Rose McDonald, Sandra Spies, Leame Gerber, Micah Gerieck, Mienke Gerber and Tarryn Boshoff Right: Viktor Smith, Moses and Orazio Dyanti and Awstin Griffiths
Top: Megan Soekoe, Josh Soekoe, Jonathan Pietersen and Carter Farrel standing proudly over there super starfish creation. Middle Left: The Burgin family had a great time working together, creating a fabulous crocodile. Middle Right: The Meyer family were all smiles as everyone jumped in to make their castle. Bottom Left: Dad Saaiman getting his hands dirty all in the name of fun with his lovely daughter, Ayvah. Bottom Right: Teamwork! The Rimbults, Kieswetters and McMillians decided to join forces, and created an awesome turtle, complete with babies. The tide came in, and washed the “turtles” safely out to sea.

Grade 0 outing to the mall

Eye screening at Torga Optical

The Grade 0s spent the morning at Eden Meander last week. First they visited Torga Optical for an eye screening. After this, they had a tour through Golden Harvest, which was very informative. They were able to buy some fruit and a treat on their own. Thank you to both Torga Optical and Golden Harvest for accommodating the Grade 0s as well as for the treats!

Tour through Golden Harvest

preparatory bulletin

go lab

This Year, Glenwood has embarked on an ambitious project of taking STEAM learning to a whole new level.

STEAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.

Although our Golab is not currently fully kitted, we have been busy preparing our kids for the amazing things that Golab has to offer.

At the start of term we used the tablets to do Hour of Code where the we learned to think in a logical fashion using programming principles. Soon thereafter, we received our Neuron Makeblock kits which introduces the students to electronics. With the Neuron kit, they created simple circuits which performed a function. An example of this is the “Tail wagging cat”. They used circuitry to make a cat which responded to touch and wagged its tail!

Once we saw how our little geniuses coped with this exercise, we simply gave them the kit and with very little instruction got them to create a “Singing plant”. This really tested their mettle, but they took to the task really well.

We look forward to the completion of our classroom and the additional equipment that we will be receiving, namely Laser cutter, 3D printers, Drones and computers to make the Golab classroom the coolest place to be.

college campus



As the first term draws to a close, boarders are reeling after a very busy term, and they look forward to the coming holidays. It was an exciting term and the House was a busy venue, hosting some social events for the school and some for boarders only.

One new tradition in the House is the “Culture Thursday”, an event that occurs every two weeks on a Thursday evening at dinner. The piano in the dining hall offers an opportunity for live music during dinner and, under the leadership of Thairone Tucker, it was decided to create an opportunity for boarders with musical talent to perform in front of the House. After a great deal of persuasion, a number of boarders decided to take the plunge and they made a huge success of the very first “Culture Thursday” in the history of College House. Instruments involved were the piano, drums, and guitars. Thairone Tucker, Madison Ash, and Mieke van Eeden played on the piano whilst Thomas Lidstone first played the drums and somehow ended up on the piano – a young man of many talents. Oliver Lloyd played guitar and Rayne Westley sang.

A big thank you to all these boarders for making history in the House and creating a new tradition.


The House is very proud of the following boarders:

Deaghlan Sharrocks decided to tackle Hercules in his latest rugby match and broke his collarbone. You should see the other guy!

Deaghlan – lots of heart, young man! The House is proud of you. Get better soon.

Bugan Esau is the captain of the school’s 1st Cricket Team. The team recently had a very good match against York and won the match, ending 2nd on the log. Bugan has had a very good year as a cricketer – not only is he captain of the school’s 1st team; he was also selected as captain of the SWD Cricket team. Bravo Bugie!

On the photo Bugan can be seen with the school’s proud 1st cricket team. Coach Danie Oosthuizen and manager Philip Kuschke are on the photo as well.

Alexandra Carter-Johnson has been selected for the South African Championships in Pretoria in biathlon. She came 4th in her last competition.

We wish you all the best, Alexandra! You will do well. We will be rooting for you.


Birthday in the House!!!

Uncle Gavan had his birthday recently and, as always, the House could not let this opportunity go by to party!

Uncle Gavan’s family joined the festivities and the House did its traditional birthday song to honour Uncle Gavan and say thank you for all his effort and great food.


Three of the boarders who recently swam the Glenwood mile – from the left, Scott Smuts-Muller, Jack Powell, and Jake Mentz.

On the group photo all the participants can be seen – boarders Leigh Paton and Mieke van Eeden are sitting on the boat on the left of the photo.


Visiting elephants at the Knysna Elephant Park! Getting hair done! Buying black board dusters and dusting black boards! Going crazy! Even Snowy is getting grumpy!


Samela Mzinzi

Samela is a fun loving, cheerful and energetic lady. She loves life and always gives 110% to everything she does.

Samela is an assistant teacher in the Grade 0 Giraffe Class. She always ensures that the classroom is neat and tidy. Samela is kind and caring towards the children and always welcomes them with open arms.

Samela has been a member of the Glenwood family since January 2008.

Samela has a husband, Mark Mzinzi. She is a proud mom of two sons, Simamkele and Sibongile. Simamkele is 22 and enjoys IT. Sibongile is 17 and in Grade 11 in Johannesburg. She loves her boys very much.

Samela is a loyal member of her church. She enjoys making decorations, teaching Sunday school and being a youth leader. In her spare time Samela enjoys running.

Samela likes cleaning and cooking. Her favourite food is pizza and dumplings. She enjoys fellowship with her friends.

michelle lewis

Michelle Lewis matriculated at Oudtshoorn High School. She studied at Cape Town teacher’s training college and did her FDE - Remedial through Unisa. She taught at Wynberg Boys Junior, Llandudno Primary and George Pre-Primary before joining the Glenwood staff in 2006. Her first class had only five Grade 0 pupils, two of which were her own twin daughters! All three of her girls matriculated at Glenwood and are now studying in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. Therefore, Michelle is currently suffering from the “empty nest syndrome!” When she started teaching at the Pre-Primary, the forest served as both a playground and often the classroom but it was later removed in order to make way for the Pre-prep school buildings. Michelle contributed greatly to the setting up of the facilities at the Pre-primary School.

In 2010, she joined the Preparatory school as a Grade 1 teacher. She is a very creative and enthusiastic teacher and the pupils who have been fortunate enough to pass through her hands, have benefited greatly because of her passion, dedication and sense of fun!

She has a great love for the dramatic arts and theatre, and has performed in a number of productions at the Arts theatre. Ballet performances are her favourite thing to watch! Michelle teaches drama as an extra-mural activity and her contribution to the Arts festival every year is invaluable. She uses her drama talents in the classroom and loves to dress up in different outfits whenever she has the opportunity. She is truly the “drama queen” in the Foundation Phase! Michelle’s favourite food is avocado pear and her hobbies are hiking and amateur acting.

Her motto to live by is: “Embrace life and find the silver lining in every dark cloud.”

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