Innovative Media by Darren Tang Kah Heng (0325941)

19. June. Youngest in the family. I hope to gain an increase in knowledge about developing videos and the like, and of course anything else related to the communication industry. My personal interests include gaming and toy collecting. I see myself as one who would be working in the field of mass communication, I suppose.

Assignment 1: E-Portfolio

Exercise 1: Stop Motion Animation

Wrath of the Toy

Done by Ben, Megat, Naim and Darren

Exercise 2: Viral Content

Say No to Drugs, and Get a New Addiction.

Drugs. They are bad, yes. Yet, why do people do it? To relieve themselves? Yes. To escape reality? Yeah. To get high? Er.. yeah. But doing drugs have very, very bad consequences to your health. So much so that it may shorten your lifespan, and we don’t want that. As the internet once said, you only live once. So you really should live it to the fullest, no? Instead of doing drugs, I’d give you something else to get addicted to, and though it may seem so ludicrous, it does fit the bill.

First of all, will it relieve you? Yes. Will it allow you to escape reality? Definitely. Will you get high? Well, um. Really sorry to disappoint, but unfortunately no. Not like getting high is good anyways, right? Anyway, onto the new addiction; toy collecting. Yes, I told you, it may sound ludicrous, but if you really think about it, it is something that can really fill up that “addiction” criteria. Here are reasons why you should drop that syringe and get a toy from your local toy shop:

1. You get to reli(e)ve your childhood.

This is perhaps the most predictable element about toy collecting. Toys, unlike drugs, contain a huge selection (and variety), and of course, a toy from your favourite childhood show is bound to be there. By obtaining that said toy, it really does give blissful memories of your childhood; the times you wake up early in the morning to turn on the television just to watch that cartoon, or perhaps in the evening as you come rushing home from school. Having an object that represents that is always heart warming and will always be there should you choose, unlike cocaine. That thing gets you high, and it’s only temporary. How hypocritical.


2. It’s a worthy investment.

Honestly, when it comes to investment, it could be a double-edged sword. But when compared to drugs? Oh, well then the blade is definitely sharper on the other side. Drugs cost so much money, and are used almost immediately so that you can get high just as quickly. But in doing so, your hard earned cash goes down the drain. It’s a one time deal, so you find yourself wanting to get more, and eventually you’d buy it again “just to get high”. Not worth it. Toys, on the other hand, are not a one time deal. You buy it, and it remains with you, unless you decide to give it away (like how Andy did in Toy Story 3) or sell it for a higher price when its value goes up (though that depends on the toy). Now that, is a mighty worthy investment.


3. It’s actually healthy.

This may come off weird, but depending on how one collects toys, it can prove to be a really healthy hobby. Mentally healthy, of course. It can’t do anything to your pale skin. For one, it can take your mind off things (without you going high). Just ogling over your own toy collection could leave you in awe; and in those times, that’s when your mind is off the stress of the reality that is life. Besides that, it gives a person some meaning to their life; one could say “I’m going to work hard this month to get a bonus so that I could get that toy I’ve always wanted”, and that in part becomes their motivation to do well in life. Sure, one could argue that people can work hard for the drugs they want too, but do you really, like really, see that happen, if at all?

So what are you waiting for? Say no to drugs, and say yes to toys! Now get on started on that toy collection.

Exercise 3: Infographics

Exercise 4: Mobile App

Stylos is an app aimed to provide the best fashion available to men and women in Malaysia. It provides:

1) The latest fashion trend to users.

2) Products that are considered high fashionable quality (hourly).

3) An easy to use online store for users.

Here are some of the features that Stylos has.

1) Login Screen - Users either login or register, if they do not have an account.

2) The first things users will see are these 4 main categories; Sales, Catalogue, New Arrivals and Hottest Items. There is also a menu bar at the top right side of the app, which has About Us, Contact Us, Inspiration, Shopping Cart and Feedback.

3) About Us - Users can learn more about Stylos through this tab.

4) Contact Us - Users can contact us if they have any inquiries.

Note: Name is fictional, picture is for illustration purposes only.
Note: Name is fictional, picture is for illustration purposes only.

5) Inspiration - Consumers can look for fashion inspiration from other consumers based on pictures they've shared, while using items bought from Stylos.

6) Feedback - Users can provide their feedback on our services here.

7) Sales - Shows items that are on major sale for the consumers.

8) Catalogue - Categorised to Men and Women, with further categorisations on the items available to each. The following images are examples of what users have access to while on the app.

9) New Arrivals - This page is updated hourly as new items are constantly added in, and we want our consumers to gain access to the newest as soon as possible.

10) Hottest Items - This page displays items that are frequently bought by our consumers, and will constantly update whenever other items sells more. This is so our consumers are provided immediate details on the latest.

11) Shopping Cart - Items that users add to their cart would be shown here.

Enter code: 0GV8CT

Assignment 2: Video

Taylor's Rangers

Ever wanted to go to a Prestigious University for the Performing Arts but can't find a good one? Well PHAKE University is here to fulfill your dreams in obtaining your Perfoming Life with Dance, Art and Music to cater to a student's needs.

Mind Map

Mood Board




Taylor's Rangers

Assignment 3: Animated Chat Stickers


Created with images by junkpad92 - "london bus double decker bus" • JordanHoliday - "london big ben elisabeth tower" • Honou - "PS4 controller (1)" • kropekk_pl - "iphone apple phone cellular phone cell electronics" • matuska - "camera cinematographic cameras super8 panorama old film"

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